In Memoriam

Dennis Lee Tripp III
Lynn Thomas BeMiller III

I feel obligated to honor the two children who have guided, inspired, and helped me through the difficult times, both playing an important role in my journey thus far. I did not get here alone, as I have acknowledged and followed what I refer to as “signs” that were brought forth, along the way.

Lynn Thomas, my son, researched, not only for himself but to also help me, mom. He came up with brilliant theories that inspired extended theories, thoughts, and planted seeds in my creativity. Looking back, it all perfectly aligns. In one of his last messages to me, he said: “Hey, Mom, do you think we can repair our own collagen?” I am in awe when I think about how a completely medically uneducated teenager could think that far out of the box, as back then collagen repair was uncharted territory. I now understand how this was all meant to be. I don’t agree, but I am humbled by my thoughts.

There was a little boy named Dennis Lee, a little boy who looked up to and admired Lynn. He shared a name with my brother and father, as he is my nephew, although, I love him as a son. The day I buried Lynn Thomas, Dennis Lee and his sister requested to come home with me, to comfort me and my young daughter. They didn’t leave our side for a week, as they needed us as much as we needed them. They got me through the hardest week of my life and I am grateful for both of them.

Before and after Lynn’s death, they spent weekends with us and we would gather plants for other sufferers. Dennis would sit in the back of my truck, tailgate down, feet dangling, hair in the wind, and the sun on his face, as we purposely got lost on my favorite dirt road. He loved to help others as he and Lynn were a lot alike.

Dennis was born with a heart defect and throughout his life, multiple heart surgeries were required. A year and a half after Lynn passed, the day suddenly came when he needed emergency surgery. Unexpectedly, he didn’t come back to us. I’ll never forget the night before, as he gently kissed me on the forehead and said, “I love you, Aunt Chris”. Anyone will tell you that he was, and still is, an inspiration to all that were blessed to know his soul.

They were both special and my spirit was always lifted in their presence. Now, my soul longs for them both. I feel compelled to memorialize them here, as one inspired me to begin, as the next inspired me to keep pushing…

They Are Both….. the Guiding & Guardian Angels of Dis~Ease Solutions…….