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Many are having difficulty choosing where to start. This may be due to a lack of herbal and pathogenic knowledge, the numerous selections, or a general overwhelming feeling of “connecting dots”.

Choose a package depending on your intentions. Packages may cover the bases and contain supplements that you find a curiosity for as you read and research on your own.  It may offer a head start, giving you an opportunity to gain knowledge or a better understanding of these uncharted waters.

It may be best to pulse in an aggressive and hesitant manner. Just before replenishing herbs, you may want to reevaluate your progress, options, and the direction to go in next. You may want to support immunity, fungal overgrowth, leaky gut, bacterial concerns, mucus processes, metal removal, parasitic infections, or many of these factors at once.

Some pathogens may be capable of resistance or encystment, returning when they feel it may be safe. Fluctuating varying herbal compounds, dosages, frequency, and timing may give the most expected results. Fighting pathogenic species may be one of the best ways to get the job done. We may not ever be affected by only a single species, as there may be multiple pathogens involved.

This category has pre-selected packages that I recommended for supporting common concerns, which I refer to as my Discounted Solutions

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Showing all 2 results