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Stepping stone starting options because choosing where to begin doesn’t have to be difficult. Even though most have a lack of herbal and pathogenic knowledge, one shouldn’t be overwhelmed by “connecting the dots”. We have attempted to make the decisions as easy as possible by giving the names of our products that indicate their intentions.

We have listed many types of products that we feel may achieve saturation. All that is left is for you to consider which layers and specific pathogens that you want to address. By purchasing one of our packages, you may have a head start on learning about herbals and on attaining a better understanding of these uncharted waters.

Just before replenishing herbs, you may want to reevaluate your progress. Consider sticking with the products that you feel may have helped you and replace what may not have by targeting another option, pathogen, or type of support. This is how to properly choose a direction. You may want to give remedies approximately six weeks to give it a proper chance to show you what it has to offer.

Thinking of detox as a process of peeling back the layers of different types of pathogens, toxins, and areas of degeneration. If you were to attempt to reverse this process, it may entail targeting pathogens, binding toxins, and taking regenerating remedies. It is not always about “kill, kill, kill”. As a matter of fact, it may be common for pathogens to manipulate your body’s processes, causing you to break yourself down, as they sit back and feed. This is where replenishing may be the most important.

The main areas we suggest to consider targeting would be: supporting immunity, massive collagen intake and regeneration, fungal overgrowth, bacterial concerns, mucus production, encystment dismantlers, viral pathogens, internal fiber accumulation, toxin overload, metal chelation, and lowering cytokine processes. These seem to be the predominant layers associated with a disease, as well as dis-ease.

Rotating varying herbal compounds, dosages, frequency, and timing may give the most expected results, especially for those pathogens that use hibernating processes to evade immunity and remedies. We may not ever be affected by only a single pathogen or process, as there may always be layers involved.

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Showing 1–12 of 13 results