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These are all of the amazing products that I have created.

I have always believed that I have been guided here, by the powers that be. I ponder whether my son, who has passed, after coercing me to start all of this, didn’t come back to help me along the way. People, places, and things, including research, have seemed to just fall into my lap. It seemed like the answers found me and then I would have to decipher them to figure out why and how. 

I have paved the path for others in many different ways like creating products, finding research, and putting together this puzzle, in the most simplistic way for newcomers to understand. When I started my journey, there were no answers, no help, and a few remedies.

Today, you have many different avenues to choose from that allow you to just get to the healing, without having to try everything mentioned, not having any idea how it will turn out, and compare results with others before ruling them in, or out, as in my journey. I have created things that were thought to be impossible and formulated cleanses that other businesses are climbing over one another to copy.  

You will find most of them in the “Top Products” category as well, as I have been blessed with a customer base that loves the products that we make and keep coming back for more!

Saturation is key!

Showing 1–12 of 28 results

Showing 1–12 of 28 results