Donations To Dis~Ease Solutions™

Donate To Dis~Ease Solutions

When I started this business, my intentions were to donate to anyone that needed it. The response has been a bit overwhelming but I have donated a package, with multiple products, to every single person that has ever asked for one. I have never turned anyone away.

I send out multiple donation packages a week, and the list of recipients has remained full since starting them. I even have to work with a waiting list at times.

When you come down with an illness, so many things can go wrong. My own illness took me out of service for about eight months. After six months of no help from the medical community, I finally figured out what truly was wrong and then it took me another three months to feel normal and well enough to get back to work. This is more than ample time to lose a home to foreclosure or lose a job. The brain fog that sometimes comes along with illness can be debilitating on its own. Not everyone has someone they can turn to for care or help. These are only a few reasons why there is a true need for donations.

Your donation will allow me to continue to give to those with a true need. 

Please help me, help others.

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