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Signature Herbal Blends

I offer each blend in many ways. For example, you can purchase a blend as a traditional tincture, an energetically collided tincture, herbal tea, glycerite, or encapsulated. Many of our signature herbal blends have the same names as our essential oil signature blends. If we offer more than one product with similar names, it will be notated and contain a link to the other version, at the top of each page.

I have done the research and all the work for you. I have spent years thoroughly researching modern issues and remedies that may help with them. I take formulation very seriously, as we seem to be in an entirely new era of resistance!

I urge you to consider purchasing multiple methods of administration. By taking different products that get go into the body in different ways, each reaching different areas, this may offer your body a more intense saturation experience. For example, you may get a tincture, capsules, and a navel soak. Depending on your intent, they may all offer the same type of support, or you may work on different aspects, all at once. Saturation is key!

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Showing 1–12 of 77 results