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CBD, without the psychoactive compound, THC, is legal in all 50 states. There are many versions of CBD on the market and my working experience has taught me that the CBD isolate we use, may be superior to other types, like hemp. Many sell hemp oil, which is made of the junk parts of the plant, like the leaf and stem. We use isolate, which is an extract of the plant with the nonlegal compounds removed. Many are familiar with extract, like grape seed extract, which is a process of condensing compounds that results in a powder that can be 10x’s or more dense in medicinal compounds than regular herb. This is comparable to the process of condensing cannabinoids to create isolate powder, which may be much stronger than hemp parts.

Nothing drives me crazier than companies selling “hemp or CBD tinctures” that come in the form of an oil. That is just confusing to the public who seek a true, alcohol tincture for its superior absorption qualities. When it comes to absorption rates, alcohol may offer the highest, followed by glycerin, and lastly, honey, which are the three bases we offer our CBD in. They have names like Animal Solutions, Babe~Ease, although, all versions, including alcohol, are child and animal safe, at the appropriate doses. The higher the mg., the less you have to take. 

Try our CBD! It has become quite popular and for good reasons!

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Showing all 7 results