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Most Popular & What Helped Us

I started this business with what helped my own family, as it seemed to be also helping many others that followed. My products are backed by a working knowledge, my own illness and experiences, and many years of research. This has blessed me with customers that choose me over some of the biggest names in the business. 

This is an extensive, yet brief overview of what helped us. It may give you a direction to go in finding your solutions. I am asked daily as to what steps one should take to begin detoxing. I am a believer in just jumping in. The organs, including the skin, are a system, they rely upon, and dump into one another, their wastes that are excreted out of the body. If you take the mucus into consideration, it may be common sense to start with and continue to support sweeping of the intestinal tract, whereas most others tell you to end with that area. I am one of the firsts to find and understand it.

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  • Monitoring the intestinal mucus volume within our body. I am a pioneer in discovering the processes of, and how to resolve, mucus, which helped return health to me and my children. This is a newfound territory that most of society is unaware of, including medical professionals. It seemed it needed provoking to be released. The main aspect of our regimen was the “4 Mix Cleanse“, which was to rotate the Intest~Ease intestinal sweep and the Parasite~Ease parasitic purifier in the mornings, Impurit~Ease
    toxin binders at lunch, and ending the day with Pro/Pre~Ease pro/prebiotic blend. Intestinal cleansing and parasite cleansing are not quite the same. The intestinal mix was formulated with mucus removing intentions and the parasitic mix was for the newly exposed of the mucus removal process. We stayed consistent for months, utilizing a “sweep & kill” method of cleansing in sync with “removing toxins & probiotic replenishment” with prebiotics to feed them. I encourage you to research this mucus yourself. I believe that it may have been a root issue in our own illnesses. It seemed to affect us like a multi-pathogenic monster!   
  • Supporting collagen replenishment & processes. Pathogens feed on our collagen, creating dents and other weaknesses in the body’s structures, like vessels and linings.  I was diagnosed with Candida, which is known to create holes in our linings that may allow pathogenic, cellular, and other debris, organisms, and matter, to freely float around with free access within our body. Some know these processes as “leaky gut” and “leaky brain”. By supplementing collagen, we seemed to be supporting the “rebuilding” processes faster than any damage could take place. This is the inspiration of my collagen complex OralToler~Ease.
  • Cleansing of the sensory system (eyes, ears, nose, & throat). These are the areas that we suspect pathogens may be hiding in, outside of the gut. In my own experience, I assumed that cleansing the gut alone would suffice, yet a year after considering myself “clean” of pathogens, I started to go blind. I felt like it was a systemic issue that arose from the mucus compaction that I previously battled. If there is a possibility of them hiding here, then let’s cleanse these areas too! This aspect inspired my Nasal Solutionsnasal spray, Sensory~Ease eye rinse, Esophagus~Ease throat spray, and Auditory Solutions ear drops. With intense loads of pathogens possibly accumulating over our lifetime, common sense told me to spend some time focusing on different types of pathogens. A year after feeling well, we began to get symptoms in these areas and suspected it to be related to our previous infections that stemmed from the gut.
  • Supporting our immunity processes. Pathogens may be able to hide from older immune cells. It’s like the old saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. Newer formed immune cells may be able to recognize pathogenic proteins, over time. Supporting immunity, no matter what else you do inspired my Immunity~Ease signature blend and Cherry/Berry Ccolloidal vitamin c complex.
  • Clearing our detox pathways. Clear exits out of the body allow toxins, pathogenic, and other matter, to be released, rather than retained. The main ones we focused on were the lymph and the intestines, including the colon. As time went by, it seemed like the more enemas I did, the more endless the mucus would seem. With herbal supplementation of motivating the bowels, an end came into sight. This inspired  Constipation Solutionsproducts.
  • Organ support and blood-cleansing. Enzymes are known for their ability to sweep through the bloodstream to possibly dismantle pathogens and their biofilms. A possible way to reach the organs is to think outside of the box. The CrysaLynn enzymes were literally life-saving for me, as they took away the feeling of having a heart attack overnight! I have acquired many types of enzymes since starting the business and others are finding them all very helpful. We also used Tinctures in attempts of reaching the blood. Tinctures that I offer that come highly recommended are: Homeostase~Ease, which is spleen-supportive, Liver~Ease for liver support, Kidney~Ease for kidney support, Buhn~Ease has master herbalist Dr. Buhner’s top herbs, Fungal~Ease is amazing fungus support, and Plasma~Ease may assist with blood-cleansing. I have added my top tinctures to this list as well.
  • I am a proud pioneer in utilizing the belly button to support health! Most don’t even know about the connectivity and absorption qualities the navel holds! In attempts to resolve strange movement that nothing seemed to reach, we utilized belly button soaks. After the first one, the next morning I expelled fiber-like matter that I had never seen up until then, even after months of cleansing, and taking antiparasitic medications. This is my Belly Button Solutions. The scent Fiber~Easecaused me to release this fiber matter that I suspect was related to our chronic intestinal stagnation. After all, in our sickest time, they were exiting our eyes! I suspected that they may have also been related to the chronic inflammation that caused the mucus to thrive inside of me.
  • Supplementing with probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins and minerals. I was not looking for a few species, but billions of species to support our gut health. With intestinal compaction especially, absorption becomes a true issue. The intestinal wall may become consumed in a mucus barrier. I used my Pro/Pre~Ease, probiotic and prebiotic mix, the VitaMin~Ease fulvic acid complex, and supplements in the Essential Supplement Solutions category. 
  • Sanitizing the home, cleansing pets, and the toys & play areas. Just a complete cleansing and santitation of everything the home, including curtains and linens. Reinfestation is an issue that we may have some control over. We may want to sanitize and lower surface or airborne pathogenic loads. I suspect that our pet dog may have been a source to one of the many layers that were affecting us. I conspired with my friend, who is a doctor for pregnant mothers, children, and animals to formulate the Babe~Ease cleanse. It is for small pets and children that are under 75 lbs. I personally love the sanitizing abilities and scent of cleaning with essential oils. The Aromatherapy~Ease category has all that you need to choose one. For my customers, I created the Mite~Ease and Mess~Ease concentrates, which may also be helpful for eradicating anything living in our spaces, besides us! 
  • Utilizing CBD, selectively.  I offer CBD, without THC, in my Isolate Solutions category. There are many known benefits to the use of CBD, therefore I urge you to do your own research to decide if this is for you beforehand.
  • Utilizing essential oils, diluted of course, in every way imaginable! I love my collection of essential oils and I urge you to get your own! They smell amazing, and when diluted, they can be used in endless ways! To shorten this overview, I am going to direct you to take a look at the product information on any of my essential oils in the Aromatherap~Ease section of this website. They are so important that I recommend an oil in nearly every discount package that I offer. From cleaning the home to the belly button soaking, their uses are endless!

Today, there are too many “experts” and it is hard to tell who is experienced, educated, and knowledgeable in what they do. I offer you two solutions for energetic testing, which is one of the most popular methods of testing today! I am not affiliated with either, I simply support their businesses and it is my business to share solutions with all of you!

To be tested energetically with our products, we feature two energetic methods of testing:

“Click Here to visit our featured page on Krisanna Schultz, Zyto Scanning Practitioner”, who tests with technology using a hand cradle that delivers the energetic output of your body to give a 12-page report for you to refer and compare to. You can get a single scan for our products, or you can take advantage of her discounted regular scans.

“Click Here to go to Quantum Insight Solutions facebook page” that gives the contact information to be tested with our products. They utilize wireless bioresonance testing to tell you what your body may be needing that we have. 

Do not take these statements, provided information, nor any of the names of my products as medical advice! They are not intended to be anything more than names and my own experiences, as we are all different!

 The following category consists of my top products, which are mostly the same remedies that my own family used to get well. I now share them with all of you!

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Showing 1–12 of 43 results