"What Helped Us"

“What Helped Us”

Dis~Ease Solutions® was founded by the remedies that helped my own family, during our time of illness. Since then, I have been blessed with patrons that now choose us over some of the biggest names in the business. 

We had no choice but to jump in with both feet, as we were chronically ill before finding solutions. We didn’t have the time to focus on one issue at a time, as I suspected that approach may prolong a positive outcome. I think it is extremely important to consider incorporating remedies for different types of pathogens in anyone’s progress. For example, maybe starting with fungal, being sure to also cover bacterial, Lyme, viral, sensitivity issues, and those mentioned below. There may be many types of pathogens affecting you.

Luckily I found raw egg shakes, which may, or may not be for you. They were a great way to mask the taste of my bitter herbs and there are many benefits, as I urge you to do your own research on them. An egg holds the essential components to support life, is packed full of collagen, may induce what is called oral tolerance, assist us on detoxing all the way down to the cellular level, contain all essential amino acids, hold many rare components that can only be received with raw form, and they were a way to drive away from the negative energy in the olden days and that says a lot when you think about it. We created our OralToler~Ease Bioavailable “Living” Collagen Complex to be used as extra support and for those most sensitive that are not able to, or simply don’t want to, eat raw eggs. See below for more details on that. 

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Opening Detox Pathways. The body has many channels and systems, all of which may work together to “dump” toxins and other unwanted wastes into the main exit routes to then be expelled. This covers an immense area, as they can be excreted in many ways, for example, sweat, skin pores, stool, and urine. The main detox pathways are the lymphatic channels and the intestines. Some beginning focuses may be toxin binding, fungal toxin-mopping, lymphatic clearing, fasting, motivating and regulating the bowels, and intestinal cleansing. These are aspects that you may want to consider taking a few days to work on before jumping into anything more intense. It may allow accumulated toxins, pathogenic, and other matter, to be released, rather than retained. 

Monitoring Intestinal Biofilm Volumes As You Go: I approach this intestinal biofilm as if it were a moldy substance. I believe dis-ease, and disease, are processes that may result in mold, therefore, I suggest to consider treating fungus and this biofilm matter when beginning to cleanse, to know if they are affecting your condition. It may save you lots of time, money, and research! I released a six-foot section of compacted intestinal biofilm, or mucus, many times over, with cleansing my body. My children, as young as two, expelled the same lengths and density of mucous matter, that I myself did. Back then, this was a newfound territory. Most are unaware because it seems to need provoking to be released. I rotated intestinal and parasitic herbs, twice a week each, to push matter out, as well as go after pathogens that were newly exposed in the biofilm removal process. I refer to it as a “sweep & kill” method. As time went by I noticed that the denser the mucus was, the darker the color seemed to be, which gave me an idea of our progress. The matter seemed to be never-ending and, in my opinion, had to fill us up inside! It seemed this matter and its processes may not just be limited to just our intestinal tract. We removed eight-inch sections of rubbery matter from the nasal cavity as well. I researched “bronchial casts”, which may be a hardened mucus, taking up spreading through the respiratory tract. The mucusy biofilm may have the capability to take the shape of bronchial passageways! I have included photos of these casts in the “Graphic Photos” section of this website. This matter was why we created our 4 Mix Cleanse. One of the most important products for intestinal biofilm support, in our opinion, is the Intest~Ease sweep. You may want to always have something for any releases of the fungal, bacterial, Lyme pathogen, viral, general toxins, fungal toxins, metals, and other cellular debris for support as new areas are exposed and they may be unleashed. We have products for mold support, like Fungal~Ease herbals and essential oils, as well as our magical Garlic Tears herb blend and essential oil, if you can take intense aromas of garlic, as it may be worth it! For the sensory system support, we have Nasal Solutions  spray, Biofilm Solutions herbals, and essential oil blend, and Respiratory~Ease  herbals and essential oil products. 

Supporting Collagen Processes. Pathogens may live to feed on our collagen and when the gut wall is in constant contact with pathogens, collagen replacement may be key to settling inflammation issues. I began to look deeper into this when dents were forming in my son’s ribs, his body was changing rapidly, and he seemed to have major malformations, in only a couple of weeks’ time. I could not find any rational explanation as to why, or how, this could happen until I learned how pathogens may be feeding on us! As pathogens feed, they may create weaknesses in the body’s structures, including vessels, linings, and the skin. Fungal species are said to create holes in our linings by growing a “root” that punctures structures to holster itself in as it advances to the stage. These holes may allow pathogenic, cellular, and other debris, organisms, and matter to have free access within us. These holes are commonly known as  “leaky gut” or “leaky brain”. The intestinal biofilm seemed to exhibit fungal-like behavior and many, including us, seem to feel they may come hand in hand. As we focused on fungus and supplemented collagen, the “rebuilding” process seemed to be taking place faster than damage was occurring. This was key to us getting well and we ate raw egg smoothies, which was a great way for us to also administer bitter herbs. We used raspberries to mask the taste. I now use my own collagen complex, OralToler~Ease.

Supporting Our Immunity. Pathogens may be able to hide from our mature immune cells. Newly-formed immune cells may be able to recognize pathogenic proteins, that may normally hide from this process, easier, over time. You may want to consider supporting your immune processes for approximately eight months to actually feel any “regeneration” process. Thanks to his information, no matter what I did, supporting our immunity was always a part of our regimen. This inspired Immunity~Ease herbal products, essential oils, and my Cherry/Berry Ccolloidal Vitamin C complex.

Sensory System Maintenance (Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat). I learned of the connectivity of these areas when I used a remedy in the eyes and experienced symptoms in the nasal passage. These are areas that pathogens have always been suspected to be hiding in. I assumed that cleansing the gut alone would do, yet over time it felt as though I was going blind and my children were also exhibiting these same symptoms. We had fiber-like debris coming from the fluid of the eyes. I could also see pathogens floating around in my eyes, along with their inner workings, like the digestive tracts. I felt like it was an issue that was caused by aggressive “work” on the gut, possibly chasing pathogens upwards. They may have been unleashed by getting out compacted mucus and exposing massive communities. I was surprised by using remedies in my eyes that caused a thick mucus to crust them shut, overnight. After only a few uses, the feeling of going blind went completely away for me. I feel that these are major areas that I will always focus on randomly for the rest of my life. Products that resulted from my own use in these areas are Nasal Solutionsnasal spray, Sensory~Ease eye rinse, Esophagus~Ease throat spray, and Auditory Solutions ear drops.

Supporting Our Organs & Cleansing Our Blood. I had systemic candida that eventually covered the inside of my mouth. The more it progressed, the worse my symptoms seemed to be. Upon taking an antifungal, bruises appeared all over my extremities, showing its systemic fungal connections and capabilities. My blood seemed thick and I suspected it may have been from built-up pathogenic, fungal, and immunity matter. I took enzymes, particularly Serrapeptase and with a single, moderate dose, the feeling of a heart attack I suffered for months, went away, overnight. I had intervals of this until I learned to stay consistent and it then never came back again. Enzymes, depending on the type, have different purposes. Some may sweep through the blood to dismantle proteins, which may include pathogens and their biofilms. According to my doctors, I had apparent organ damage, exhibited by broken microvessels all over my chest that the doctor said was “liver damage”. We used tinctures, which are made with alcohol, which may pull herbal compounds into the blood, to then in turn, possibly be circulated to the organs. We created the following tinctures that we found extremely helpful in our journey: Homeostase~Ease for spleen support, Liver~Ease for liver support, Kidney~Ease for kidney support, and Plasma~Ease in attempts of a deeper blood-cleansing. We now offer a powerful Serrapeptase product that we call CrysaLynn. We have since also added Nattokinase Solutions enzymes, which are protein-dismantling enzymes and Candida Solutions plant-based enzymes.

Belly Button Soaking. I seem to be the pioneer in navel soaking, at one point, I thought I was the inventor until I saw information on Indians using them years ago. I had movement sensations in the area of the small intestine and upon looking for ways to reach this unreachable area, I found that a portion of it is directly above my navel. I found this interesting and with high potential since most compounds taken may be lost in the digestive process. At that time, everyone believed the small intestine couldn’t be reached and there was zero information on the internet about it. I put together a blend to soak in my navel, and so it was born! Navel soaking! I offer my Belly Button Solutions in that magical blend that I call the Fiber~Ease “scent”. The morning after soaking my navel all night while sleeping, when I woke up, I had a bowel movement that appeared to be like a frayed rope, with millions of fiber-like matter all throughout. For three days these came out in masses. These appeared to be the same fibers that came out of my eyes when I was “deathly” ill and compacted with biofilm. They were similar to those commonly discussed on forums for the condition called “Morgellons”. Upon examining them, they seemed to exhibit movement like a snake! I have a photo of only a pinch of the massive amount that I expelled in the “Graphic Photo” section of this website. With word of my experience spreading, information began to pop up all over the internet on the navel connectivity and it may be much more than we previously thought!

Supplementing Probiotics, Prebiotics, Vitamins & Minerals. We supplemented with billions of species of probiotic bacteria to support our gut biome. This may be also be supported with fulvic acid, which is basically a soil-based probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. With intestinal compaction especially, my absorption became an issue and my hair began to fall out in clumps. I created our Alopecia~Ease to “ease” the hair loss and it worked on follicle stimulation amazingly.

Detoxing Our Pet. Your pet may, or may not be, a source of constant reinfection, as I suspect may be the case for many. We suspected our dog to play a role, as she was the first to fall ill. It since then has been discovered that animals may also have this intestinal biofilm that we commonly speak of as well! Upon taking an intestinal cleanse for animals specifically, it was witnessed many times to be so. We practice what we do to ourselves on some of the pets as well, at the appropriate doses of course. We regularly bathed her and fed her cleansing herbs and over time, she too began to get better. We have had customers suspect that not cleaning up in the yard after their pet may have been a source of reinfestation for them as well. We offer a small child and animal cleanse, called Babe~Ease. We also carry an essential oil scent called Animal Solutions that is safe for dogs and whichever animals can tolerate essential oils. Cats are said to be too sensitive, although, we successfully and often use our Soothe~Ease bath salts on cats. 

Sanitizing Our Home, Personal Belongings, Toys, & Play Areas. Reinfestation is a real issue, possibly why many do not seem to get better. We may have some control over this. I continually did a complete cleansing/sanitation of everything the home, including curtains, linens, toys, carpets, and basically everything that could be washed. I used many things that can be found in the products below, including essential oils. If it couldn’t be thoroughly washed or be cleaned properly with a good wipe down, I tossed it out. I did find wiping things down with rubbing alcohol to be useful for things like photo frames and such. We must sanitize to possibly lower surface and airborne pathogenic loads, as they may cover nearly all exposed places within the home, including the curtains and walls. I also used essential oils in a diffuser in every room of the home, keeping in mind those that were pet-safe. This factor inspired many of my products, found in the Aromatherapy~Ease category. I buy only the best quality and have found some of the secrets of major brands. I created ParaMite~Ease concentrate to combat both parasitic and mite pathogens you may want to use it for, which many of my customers use as an additive to cleansing water, laundry, carpet shampoo, shampoo, and more. I formulated the Mess~Ease home cleaning concentrate to support the cleaning of anything living in our spaces, including us and our food! We do carry a superior sanitation essential oil blend for you to add to your own DIY products, called Sanitation Solutions.

Utilizing CBD, Selectively.  I offer CBD~Ease, without THC and child/animal-safe. There are many known benefits to the use of CBD but I urge you to do your own research to decide if this is for you beforehand and on your own. 

Utilizing Diluted Essential Oils, In Every Way Imaginable! I love my collection of essential oils and I urge you to start your own! They smell amazing, and when diluted, they may be used in endless ways! To shorten this overview, I am going to direct you to take a look at the product information on any of my essential oils in the Aromatherap~Ease section of this website, especially the signature blends. They were so important in my own journey. From cleaning, navel soaking, detox baths, as an additive to lotions, shampoos, etc. We do not advocate oral use, as we feel that should be left up to the practitioners, but there may be other ways to still receive the benefits on a systemic level. 

Last, But Not Least, Let Us Not Forget The Hair & Skin. Our largest organ is the skin. Once damaged, cracks and crevices may become an open doorway to pathogens. Many don’t understand the systemic connections. We are very serious and focused on providing effectively healing, yet beauty-restorative products. Most of our customers requesting topicals were looking for solutions for the condition they called “Morgellons”. We use our own Collagen Complex in most of our topicals and it creates healing on a medicinal and cellular level! We make the product, you choose the signature scent. This offers double benefits. Essential Silk body lotion, Beaut~Ease eye serum, ZeoSuds debriding soap, Soothe~Ease detox bath salts/liquids, Remed~Ease oil-based salve with Frankincense, Myrrh, and a touch of Bloodroot. BeautyZyme is packed full of enzymes. Creepy/Crawl~Ease, Plaster of Earth mud mask, Lather~Ease shampoo is one of our most popular products. Spiral~Ease gel is a coat of armor and has helped many with that “moving hair” complaint. Suds~Ease soap has everything in a soap you didn’t know a soap could hold. Chap~Ease is an anti-itch and anti-fungal medicated salve that contains Rose Otto. The list has to be completed with mention of the Cavit~Ease  toothpaste, Deodor~Ease  deodorant, and Tears of Silk collagen foaming face wash. Healing the skin may be all about wiping the slate clean and nourishing the cells with collagen peptides!

Do not take these statements, provided information, nor any of the names of our products as medical advice! They are not intended to be anything more than names and my own experiences, as we are all different! None of this information has been approved by the FDA.

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