"What Helped Us"

Dis~Ease Solutions® was founded by the remedies that helped my own family during illness. Since then, I have been blessed with patrons that now choose us over some of the biggest names in the business. 

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We jumped in with both feet and were chronically ill before finding solutions. We suggest thinking of disease as a process, making dis-ease a sort of reversal. When the circulatory passageways of the body become sluggish, a thickening of matter may occur, resulting in biofilms, intestinal mucus, pathogens, and parasitic infestations. This sluggish biome may result in mold thriving inside of us. Many suspect they may be living in mold, not putting the connection together that the mold may actually be inside of the body. In a state of stagnation, circulation and most all systems may be affected. There may be many types of pathogens affecting you.

We utilized raw egg shakes and the intake of massive collagen was something that set us apart from the rest. They also masked the taste of the bitter herbs. We advocate their benefits throughout this website. We urge you to do your own research to decide if they are something for you to incorporate into your regimen. We have created OralToler~EaseCollagen Complex and Egg Solutions egg powders to offer you added collagen support.  

We opened detox pathways so that our body could properly “dump” toxins and other wastes, to then be expelled. The main passageways include the lymphatic system, blood/circulatory system, and the intestines. Some stepping stones may be to bind toxins, systemic fungal toxin mopping, lymphatic motivation, fasting, regulating the bowels, and intestinal cleansing. It may allow accumulated toxins, pathogenic, and other matter, to be released, rather than retained. 

Monitoring intestinal mucus/biofilm was key for us. I expelled yards and yards of mucus that was inches thick, in strands that were up to three feet in length. Had we not done intestinal sweeping, it may have all remained unknown. I approached this mucus matter as if it were a moldy, pathogenic-infested substance. Considering it may save you lots of time, money, and research, as it did us! My daughter, at the tiny age of two years old also expelled intestinal mucus, in the same lengths and density as I did. The removal process seems to need provoking to even be released. Rotating intestinal and parasitic herbs, with days off between, allowed us to consistently sweep matter out and target pathogens of the newly exposed areas that may have been stagnant, compacted, and covered for a very long time. I refer to it as a “sweep & kill” method. We monitored our progress by assuming that the darker colored mucus was aged with seeing a lighter color, we considered it to be progress. This matter was not limited to only the intestinal tract. We had strands of rubbery matter shedding out of the nasal cavity, as we were experiencing breathing problems as well. We learned of “bronchial casts” and realized that this intestinal mucus may reach nearly every orifice in the body! Until it came out, we didn’t even know that it was affecting us. I have included photos of these casts, and more, in the Graphic Photos section of this website. This mucus has inspired products like our “4 Mix Cleanse”, Fungal~Ease herbal blend and essential oil, Garlic Tears herbal blend, and essential oil, and Nasal Solutions spray.

We supported immunity. Be reading books by Stephen Buhner, we learned that pathogens may be able to hide from mature immune cells. Newly-formed immune cells may be able to easier recognize pathogenic proteins, which normally attempt to hide. He explains that we may want to consider supporting immune processes for approximately eight months to get the expected results and to feel progress has been made. This inspired Immunity~Ease herbal products, MediMush medicinal mushroom complex, and Cherry/Berry Ccolloidal vitamin C.

Sensory system maintenance (Eyes/Ears/Nose/Throat). There is a connectivity of these areas when a remedy is used in one area, symptoms may occur, or pathogens may go to and hide in, another area. By using remedies in my eyes, a crust formed, closing them shut, overnight, showing me the effectiveness they may offer! I feel that these are major areas that I will always focus on randomly for the rest of my life. Products that resulted from my detoxing of these areas are Nasal Solutionsspray, Sensory~Ease eye rinse, Esophagus~Ease throat spray, and Auditory Solutions ear drops.

Supporting of our organs and blood cleansing. Many report bruising of the arms when they take anti-fungal compounds, exhibiting the systemic capabilities of a fungal infection. The blood can become “thick”, due to accumulated matter, like biofilms, dead pathogens, fungal spores, and even expired white/red blood cells. This matter may consist of fibrin, which is what proteolytic enzymes specialize in! This build up affected me by causing the feeling of a constant heart attack and the enzymes helped me when nothing else seemed to touch it. It felt as if my heart was struggling to properly pump. My doctors took one look at the broken micro vessels covering my chest and immediately suspected liver damage. Tinctures are administered under the tongue, which may pull the herbal compounds in, then circulating to the organs. This type of detox has inspired our Homeostase~Ease for spleen support, Liver~Ease for liver support, Kidney~Ease for kidney support, and Plasma~Ease contains blood-supportive herbs. We have sourced one of the purest Serrapeptase products available that we call CrysaLynn. We also offer Candida Solutions plant cell-dismantling enzymes.

I am the proud pioneer of belly button soaking! The first attempt was intended to reach massive movement in the small intestinal area. With researching ways to reach this unreachable area, I found that a portion of the small intestine sits above the navel. Common sense simply gave me the thought I should give it a try! I put together a blend to soak in my navel, shared my results of releasing millions of fibers via stool, and navel soaking went mainstream! Belly Button Solutions is the name of the first ever navel soak and our amazing results came from using it in the Fiber~Ease scent. The Graphic Photo section of this website is where I share my personal photo of the fiber matter.

Supplementing vitamins, minerals, and probiotics were replenishing and many seem to forget to support that. We were one of the firsts to use fulvic and humic acids as a source of probiotics because they are unique in containing billions of species of beneficial organisms. We utilize these acids in our BioAssimilate products and we also combine them with purified seawater to create our popular VitaMin~Ease. The very first complex ever made with them, that we know of, was our Pro/Pre~Ease probiotics that are a part of our 4 Mix Core Ionic Cleanse. 

Detoxing our pet dog was helpful in avoiding possible reinfection. Our dog became ill with the rest of the family and with regular cleansing of the same products, alongside us, she too began to recover. Something to keep in mind is to clean up and sanitize the yard after taking pets outside. It may help to keep loads down inside. We offer an animal cleanse, Babe~Ease. We also carry an essential oil scent called Animal Solutions. Cats are more finicky and require caution, although, with keeping doors open after diffusing and thoroughly rinsing them off after. We have been using the Soothe~Ease detox bath salts, containing essential oils on dogs, and cats, for years without issue.

Detoxing our home was crucial to us getting well. This includes walls, curtains, linens, toys, carpets, basically everything that could be washed. We used essential oils, borax, and bleach to lower surface pathogenic loads. Since then we have created many products for you to use in keeping the home clean. The products can be found in the Cottage Armor category. They contain our high-quality essential oils, found in the Aromatherapy~Ease category. I use a diffuser throughou the home to sanitize the air we breathe. We have ParaMite~Ease concentrate to combat both parasitic and mite pathogens and it can be used as an additive for cleansing water, laundry, carpet shampoo,  lotions, and more. I formulated the Mess~Ease home cleaning concentrate as well. We do carry a specific essential oil blend for cleaning called Sanitation Solutions and you may find anything needed for your D.I.Y. projects in the DIY Solutions™  category. 

The largest detox organs of the body are the hair, skin, and nails. These are areas where our body secretes toxins and they are an exit for pathogens once the body becomes overloaded. We experienced the connections by watching skin tags literally shrivel up and fall off of our body with the use of internal detoxing products, such as those mentioned above but especially with intestinal sweeping. Keep in mind, once the skin becomes damaged, cracks and crevices may become open doorways to pathogens. We are focused on providing effective, healing, and beauty-restorative products. We use supplements and our cold-processed collagen in our topical products as well, which is dense in natural stem cells, and vitamins and minerals. We create highly bioavailable topicals, as the herbal compounds are already broken down and ready for uptake. Our products may offer daily defense by creating a coat of armor, making the skin and hair an undesirable place to be for pathogens. They are all found in the Essential Armor category. 

Lastly, with OTC medications seeming to have gone mainstream, many ask what medications we used and the following is what we have to mention. We did this with the least amount possible. We utilized Reese’s Pinworm OTC once a month, for a couple of uses. Our doctor helped us by prescribing an anti-fungal, that helped us immensely. This truly can be done as natural as possible! At least that was the case for me and my family!

This is NOT medical advice, this is simply what worked for us. Talk to your practitioner to see what may be best for you and your family!

Happy Cleansing!

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