Acerola Cherry 25% Freeze-Dried Extract


25% Freeze-Dried Acerola Cherry Extract



Our body utilizes vitamin c as an “ingredient” to make its own collagen! We do not make vitamin c, therefore we must get it from our diet and whole food sources may be much more effective than a supplement powder, also known as ascorbic acid. This may indicate that it may be super important to supplement, even if you are healthy!

Supplementing vitamin c may also support the fighting of free radicals, immunity, and much much more! Do your own research!

Here is a helpful link on acerola benefits for you to take a peek at. Cherry is considered a “superfood” and also supplies high amounts of beta carotene. It would make a great addition to your herbal egg smoothies.

We suggest purchasing 1 lb. portion, as it will last for a very long time! The general recommended use is only 1/4 tsp!

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Weight 1 oz
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