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We do our best to keep up with new, cutting edge products, which is what compelled to create this carbon-based product. At the moment, this product is basically unaffordable to most, which is where we step in to offer the same high-quality products, at a much lower price! Meanwhile, keep in mind that this product entails expensive ingredients, high-grade supplies are used to make it, and each batch requires two weeks of steeping time, although, we have more than an ample supply to ensure it is always in stock to fulfill your order.

Carbon has always been a popular binding agent, for example activated carbon, also called charcoal. This is a type of carbon that specializes in inflammation throughout the body that acts like an extinguisher for the hot spots where it may occur, in different parts, all at once. It is rich in electrons that may normalize the magnetic flow in, and around, the body. We are surrounded by — and made of — carbon. 

Carbon is said to be similar to, yet more superior than, the popular binders, like charcoal and zeolite, yet it has its own unique, soccer ball-like structure. Some call it a “free radical sponge” and claim that it may be hundreds of times more superior than any antioxidant with abilities to “reset” itself. They go on to explain that each antioxidant molecule may only neutralize one free radical at a time, whereas C60 may have never-ending free radical neutralizing abilities.

This is considered to be a “saturated solution”. When you hear other companies say something like “there is no residue at the bottom of our bottle and you don’t have to shake it”, what they may actually be telling you is that they may be offering you a product that is not as dense in C60. Once the oil holds all that it can, the excess sinks to the bottom, which ensures that you have a saturated solution. With all of the claims out there about its benefits, C60 has not been properly tested and more studies are needed.

Possible Benefits of C60:

  • Free Radical Support
  • Superior Antioxidant Support
  • Superior Binding Capabilities
  • Never-Ending Binding Capabilities
  • Immunity Support
  • Optimal Health Support
  • Metabolism Support
  • Energy Support On The Cellular Level
  • Pain Support
  • Mental Clarity / “Brain Fog” Support
  • Hormonal Support
  • Support of Brain Functioning
  • Chemical & Radiation Protection
  • Anti-Aging Support
  • Speedy Healing Support
  • Healthy Inflammatory Response Support
  • Cosmetic Additive Support

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