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Chlorophyll is a pigment compound that is responsible for the color green in plants. It is created by the photosynthesis process of sunlight. Plants that are high in chlorophyll content are considered to be a “superfood”.Some plants that have superior content of chlorophyll are green vegetables and kelp species.

Most all of the herbs, including the kelp species, are wildcrafted, which may make them of superior quality. We literally go out into the ocean and gather local seaweeds to incorporate into this blend!

Chlorophyll supplementation may help with the support of:

  • Aflotoxin Support (Fungal Toxins)
  • Anemia Support
  • Blood/Blood Sugar Support
  • Artery Support
  • Constipation Support
  • Cholesterol Support
  • Inflammation Support
  • Wound Healing Support
  • Liver Toxicity and Support
  • Pancreas Toxicity and Support
  • Antioxidant Support
  • Skin Damage by Sunlight Support
  • Stomach/Digestive Support
  • Breast Issue Support
  • Weight Loss Supplementation/Support
  • Arthritis Support
  • Immunity Function Support
  • Breath/Body/Urine/Feces Odor Support
  • Viral Support



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Proprietary Ingredients: Alcohol, WC Sea kelp (Bladderwrack, Gutweed, Sea cabbage, Red weed), Stinging nettle (full-spectrum), Chlorella kelp, Spirulina kelp, Wild Sweet pea (full-spectrum), Wild Asparagus (full-spectrum), Camellia leaf, Wheatgrass sprouts.


Chlorophyll supplementation is LIKELY safe if taken at recommended doses. Be cautious of herbs or supplements that affect the following cautions, as they too may possibly counteract with chlorophyll. Always consult with your healthcare practitioner before beginning chlorophyll supplementation.

  • It may affect ANY medication  level, to the point that they would need adjusting. You should be monitored closely if so.
  • It may affect liver enzymes or medications. Do not take with liver disorders.
  • It may affect blood medications. Do not take with blood disorders.
  • It may affect immunity medication. Do not take with autoimmune conditions.
  • It may be phototropic, meaning it may increase your sensitivity to UV light and/or sunlight. Be cautious if taking other supplements that also affect sunlight sensitivity, as they may enhance your sensitivities together.
  • It may affect heart medications. Do not take with heart disorders.
  • It may affect blood sugar levels. Do not take with diabetic medications or conditions.
  • It may affect weight loss supplements.
  • It may affect herbs/supplements that cause changes with any of the above, including pantothenic acid and vitamin C
  • Due to a lack in scientific data, do not take during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.
  • It may cause a discoloration of urine.


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