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Essential Oil Towelettes

Sanitizing/Cleaning Towelettes OR Facial Treatment Wipes!

Child & Animal-Safe


This is now one of our all-time-favorite products! Transform any standard pack of wipes into medicinal, healing towelettes! In this day and age, these are exactly what may be needed! You won’t want to wait to use them, as simply smelling them may make you want to clean, and to be clean! We keep them in the car, by the bed, in the kitchen, bathroom, backpack, emergency kit, and even in the toolbox!

We offer both cleaning/sanitizing towelettes and eye wipe variations. You may purchase a solution to add to your own wipes or we offer pretreated towelettes in a unique, reusable, and ready to use bag with a strap. This goes for both variations. Simply add 1 oz. of solution to a pack of standard, store-bought wipes, which normally contain around 50 wipes. This means a 4 oz. bottle will treat approximately 200 wipes! Our bags contain 75+ of the thick, durable, and sturdy towelettes, designed for heavy use, although gentle enough to create eye wipes with as well. 

We must offer two variations because it is essential to use very light essential oil in the eye area. Also, we add a conditioning oil to the eye wipes that cannot be used on home surfaces. The oil acts as a lubricant and makes them ultrasoft, to cleanse and refresh the facial skin, as well as remove make up naturally! The facial wipes only come in scents that are safe for use around the eyes. We are known for not playing around with our use of essential oils and we use a generous amount in the universal towelettes to ensure that you get the most potent strength for medicinal and sanitation purposes. As for the eyes, they require a much gentler approach!

Essential oils are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-infectives, and are effective for most topical pathogens. They can be used to sanitize your hands or household items like the trash can, light switch, toilet, doorknob, cabinet handle, remote control, computer mouse, cell phone, steering wheel, gear shift, shopping cart, airplane seat or table, restaurant table, chairs, and most importantly your skin! They may be kept in the gym bag, especially if you are involved with any contact sport. Many that work with money always feel like they need to quickly sanitize their hands. The wipes also work amazingly if you are working with raw food in the kitchen and need a fast, sanitizing and clean up.

They may be exceptionally helpful for those with chronic skin issues like acne, lesions, dandruff, rosacea, or scabies. Some of our customers use them to treat spots on the skin, such as unnatural growths. Our pets may also develop skin issues and they are perfect to use to wipe down those specific areas, for example rashes or dark spots that seem to form on their skin with age. They come especially recommended in the case that one is unable to get around or take a proper bath. The towelettes help to wipe away dead skin accumulation in damp places like under the arms and breasts, and private areas, where many also complain of odor. They are great for freshening up after a long day, or on minor cuts and wounds. Many of the scents have astringent, conditioning, and skin toning effects, which may help tighten the skin and make you feel fresh after use. We will forever rather use them than a standard wipe any day!

The essential oil choice determines their purpose. Tea tree/Eucalyptusmay be ideal for the eyes and for sanitizing, although it will be much gentler in the eye wipes. Biofilm Grenademay be exactly what someone with biofilm coating their skin may need. ItchyScratch scent may be best for what it indicates, to soothe chronic itching. The  Parasite~Ease scent may be ideal for use in sterilizing surfaces and personal items in the case of a parasite infestation, as well as the Mite~Ease scent. Feminine Solutions may be best for any feminine issue. Bug Bite Solutions scent may help to lessen your worry and anxiety when you, or a child, becomes bitten by an insect, especially a tick! Having something on hand in the case of pain or circulatory complaints, there are the Essential Pain Solutions and Microcirculatory Solutions options! We do not limit the essential oil options and if you do not see what you were looking for, simply leave us a note while completing your order, telling us what you would like, and we will gladly oblige!

There are no preservatives or chemicals in the wipes, as the essential oil IS the preservative! You may even cut them into smaller pieces, as you won’t want to waste a drop, especially the eye wipes! It may be a good idea to test them on your surfaces before use. They contain no vinegar because it is known to damage granite countertops. If you do not use them for months, and they seem a bit dry, simply add a bit of water to bring them back to life! They may last a very long time!

Additional information

Universal/Cleaning OR Eye/Facial Use:

Universal (Home/Cleaning/Potent), Eye Wipes (Makeup Remover)

Product Variations:

75+ Towelettes (Reuseable Pouch), 4 oz. Liquid D.I.Y.Additive, 8 oz. Liquid D.I.Y. Additive, 16 oz. Liquid D.I.Y. Additive

Essential Oil Scent Options:

Bacterial Solutions™ (Lemony), Beaut~Ease™ (Floral), Biofilm Grenade™ (Spicy), Bug Bite Solutions™ (Resinous), Citrus Dew™ (Citrusy), Essential Pain Solutions™ (Menthol), Feminine Solutions™ (Floral/Herbaceous), Forest Solutions™ (Pine-Like), Frank "N" Myrrh™ (Resinous), Frequency Solutions™ (Spicy/Sweet) , Fungal~Ease™ (Herbaceous), Geranium (Floral), Heavenly Blossoms™ (Floral), Helichrysum (Floral), Jazzemon™ (Floral/Lemony), Lavender (Floral), Microcirculatory~Ease™ (Spicy/Sweet), Mite~Ease™ (Herbaceous/Sweet), Morgellons Solutions™ (Spicy/Herbaceous),  Rose Petal™ (Rose), Sanitation Solutions™ (Pine-Like), Tea Tree & Eucalyptus (Menthol/Medicinal) , Viral~Ease™ (Sweet/Spicy)


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