Fungal Solutions™ Discount Package

Fungal Solutions Discount Package 

Customize & Create Your Own Fungal Cell-Dismantling Package!

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I think of mold as billions of conscious, harmful “entities’ living in our bodies. A fungus seems to be the single most issue that many suspect, once they are aware of it. Our experience, combined with feedback, has shown us that disease may be more of a process. This remains the same with dis-ease, also being a process. With becoming infested with pathogens, the immune system may not be capable of keeping up, possibly allowing the internal fungus to thrive. When any pathogen, especially fungus, thrives, biofilms may begin to form. Intestinal and other biofilms may become denser over time, making the fight all that much more difficult.

We believe that the most useful way to approach fighting fungus is to first crack the cell wall, then going in after the inner nucleus, which is the protein core. Enzymes may offer this type of support. It is said that using multiple compounds, rather than a single compound, may inhibit any possible resistance factor to be built. Each plant contains hundreds of compounds, which is harder for pathogens to build a resistance to, rather than a single one. These are stealthy, intelligent, and conscious pathogens that we may be dealing with and they may require the strongest weapons that we can find to add to our arsenals. 

It needs to be said that there are many fungal, and pathogenic, protocols out there that entail medications, long term. The compounds may accumulate to dangerously high amounts. They may also cause resistance, as well as encystment factors. When any type of pathogen feels as though you are fighting against it, it may go into what I call “fight or flight” mode, where it either seems to become more aggressive. The resistance factor may go way up with the use of protocols made up of medications. 

There are many types, species, and even a super-strength resistant types of mycelium that may thrive in the body. They are just beginning to scratch the surface of what communicative capabilities may be possible. Anti-fungal herbs have been used in Chinese medicine, since ancient times, as they have extensive knowledge and an understanding of herbs that exhibit properties, useful against algae and water-derived molds. As a matter of fact, they utilize anti-fungal herbs in their wastewater sanitation processes. We have selectively chosen some of the top herbs that may help you to fight fungal issues.

Lastly, the biggest question we are asked is about diet and what may be best. All we can do is share with you the key aspects to how we beat Candida ourselves. This process of disease feeds on our inner collagen structures, depleting and damaging them. The raw egg smoothies were what we ate for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, we had a baked meat and lightly boiled vegetable. We made sure that the fungus had nothing to feed on that we were consuming. Collagen supplementation may give them something to feed on or sustain damaged cells faster than pathogens can deplete them. Either way, we attribute our quick recovery on the massive amounts of collagen and herbs we were taking in. We urge you to look into the Glycemic diet, a guide for diabetics, giving food a number, depending on how much sugar it contains, including the digestion sugar conversion. It may give you a plan to get started and the raw egg smoothies come highly recommended as well. 

There are many options in this package that allow you to customize your own protocol, focusing on fungal processes internally and topically. It allows you to also choose other supportive blends that may be helpful with mold in mind. We have chosen the top-recommended products to be automatically filled in for you. The most recommended fungus specific products appear in the selection tabs as a default, you can change the selection to fit your individual needs.

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Package Options 

(You can ONLY opt out of 1 product to get this package price!  If you wish to have only a few items, you must purchase them separately. We urge you to use this package as a guide for your fungal intentions!


1. Ionic Core Cleanse: 

  • 2 Mix Cleanse (Intest~Ease intestinal sweep & Parasite~Ease parasitic purifier Only)
  • OR
  • 4 Mix Special (All 4 Synergistic Mixes)

If you wish to browse this site to read about our cleanse, CLICK HERE. All 4 mixes have a powerful synergy and all 4 together are highly recommended!

2. 2 Tincture Special:

Tincture options of those that we feel may support fungal-related processes. Keep in mind that where you have fungal formation, you may also want to work on the resistance aspects of the pathogens themselves! You may want to rotate remedies. CLICK HERE, to browse our “Signature Tincture Blends” category for details on each blend if needed. It may be best to work up as high as possible, as this is what feedback has indicated may help the most.





Wildcrafted Chaparro amargosa & Desert willow:


3. Enzymes: 

  • CrysaLynn Enzymes:  protein-based, blood-cleansing enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes may be of the utmost importance, especially when focusing on the fungus. The enzymes may help to dismantle and dissolve protein, like fibrin, and other types of cellular matter. This is available as an oral spray or loose enzyme powder.


  • Candida Solutions Enzymes: plant cell-dismantling enzymes that are designed to work as described above. They may chip away at the cell wall, while also going after the inner proteins, also known as the core nucleus. This is available as an oral spray or loose enzyme powder.


4. Toxin/Metal Moppers:

Mopping of the different possible toxins may require a specific type of binder! We suggest having these moppers in your arsenal, at all times!

  • BioAssimilate is a mix of fulvic acid, humic acid, and citrus pectin. They have become quite popular binders. They are considered to be a staple in many detox regimens. As a high-quality soil supplement, it contains BILLIONS of species of probiotics, as well as natural soil toxin binders. It is what plants use in nature to maintain a balance while nourishing with bioavailable compounds. This package comes with the 4 oz. of powder.


  • Toxin Mop Tea is a magical blend that has been working remarkably thus far. It contains systemic fungal toxin-moppers that are released upon heating the compounds. This is why we suggest it as a hot tea.


  • Metal Mop is our metal-supportive blend that consists of chelators, like alginate, NAC, and ALA.


5. Immunity Support:

 No matter what we do or what we work on, we may always want to consider supporting immunity. Immunity may take time to produce new immune cells, which is why it is imperative to have support, long-term. These newly formed cells may take months to produce and may be key to identifying the proteins that pathogens use to hide and manipulate our body to attack itself.

  • Cherry/Berry C  lipospheric vitamin c, made with acerola cherry, camu camu, honeysuckle flowers, pokeberry juice, enzymes, and more. Amazing ingredients that may offer superior support for your immune system.



  • Medi Mush a blend of medicinal mushrooms. This blend also contains one of the rarest mushrooms that exist that we wildcraft, the Bondarzewia mushroom! Again, this is offered as a tincture or a glycerite.


6. Supplement Solutions:

Supplements that may create a synergy like no other! There is so much valuable support found here, we have to urge you to choose one with your package and then purchase another separately. A link will take you to each product by clicking on the name for more detailed information.

  • Black Seed Zinc a concentrate of the black cumin seed, paired with zinc! The compounds in black cumin seed are synergistic with zinc! On the product details, there’s a study that states that this combo may be a great way to receive support for viruses, and any other pathogenic issue for that matter!


  • QuerBerine Tea a blend of quercetin and berberine, synergized and enhanced by green tea, including its flower. We delicately extract the compounds in the grape-flavored base! Quercetin is supportive of Lyme co-infections. while berberine is highly supportive of the kidneys and urinary tract system.


  • CoQNAC is a liquid blend of CoQ10 and NAC, offering heart-strengthening and astringent (mucus drying) support.  CoQ10 is supportive of the heart and blood systems. NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) has astringent (mucus-drying) and biofilm-busting properties.

7. Add On Solutions:

Supplements that we feel may create a synergy like no other! There is so much valuable support found here, we have to urge you to choose one with your package. You may purchase any extras listed separately by clicking on their names to be directed to them individually.

  • BioSteam a 4 oz. bottle of our aromatherapy liquid additive in the  Fungal~Ease scent. It contains extracted herbal compounds, enzymes, essential oils, and more, which may offer breathing support. Ready for use with an aromatherapy device.



  • Nasal Solutions in the Fungal~Ease scent is a product for support where the pathogens may go to hide during any type of cleansing regimen. We have attempted to think outside of the box to cover all basis.


  • DMS~alOe an amazing blend that contains our high-quality Fungal~Ease essential oil, with DMSO and aloe vera gel. It may penetrate the skin to resolve any type of fungal problem on the skin’s surface. It can even be used as a belly button soak.

8. Reese’s Pinworm OTC:

This is something that helped me on my own healing journey by taking it on a monthly basis. My body was riddled with fungus and it helped me. One dose took away the fungus I had on my feet and it soothed my sore throat, making me think that it may have more to offer than the name indicates. There is lots of information out there that says it may offer support for multiple types of parasites as well. You can get your package with, or without, this product.

Happy Cleansing!!!

Additional information

Cleanse Option #1

2 Mix Powdered Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic), 2 Mix Liquid Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only), 2 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only), 4 Mix Core Powdered Cleanse (All 4 Mixes), 4 Mix Liquid Cleanse (All 4 Mixes), 4 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse, No Cleanse

Tincture #1 Option

Alkaline Solutions™ (Oxygenation Support), None

Tincture #2 Option

Alkaline Solutions™ (Oxygenation Support), None

Collagen Supplementation:

4 oz. OralToler~Ease™, No Collagen In My Package

Enzymatic Solutions™

CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase Liquid 4 oz. Oral Spray, No Enzymes In My Package

Toxin & Metal Moppers:

Impurit~Ease™ 4 oz. Powder (Universal Mop), No Binder/Chelators In My Package

Immunity Supportive Products:

Cherry/Berry C™ Colloidal Vitamin C 4 oz., No Immunity Support In My Package

Supplement Solutions:

QuerBerine Tea™ (Quercetin/Berberine/Green Tea) 2 oz. Liquid Dropper, No Supplemental Support In My Package

AddOn Reese's Pinworm OTC

1 oz Reese's, No Reese's In My Package


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