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Biomagnetic therapy has become more and more popular every day and it may be the wave of the future. Nearly everything in our lives is affected by a magnetic force, including our feet on the ground! Our hearts beat by the laws of attraction, which we call a heartbeat. Earth is affected by the moon’s magnetic field, as well as the medicinal properties of plants. Shuman’s Resonance is the heartbeat of the planet. They have found that our brains have millions of bits of magnetite crystals.

When we use magnets for therapeutic purposes, we are directing dimensional energy to where we want to heal. The magnets actually create the energy, not use it. There are many videos that show how many different ways you can use magnets. We urge you to take a look at some to know if this is a process you may want to use. 

When magnets are placed close together, depending on which side is facing which, they either push or pull energy. To use them in healing you can manipulate this directional force to target a specific area by using them on each side of the body/limb to push and pull the force through. It can also be used to create structured water, also known as a water tornado, which is said to contribute to the healing and preventative processes.

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