Nectar of Youth


Bee Byproduct Additive

Bee Venom / Bee Pollen / Bee Proplis / Manuka Honey / Enzymes

Personal Cosmetic Collagen-Boosting & Beauty Support Liquid Additive


This is a concentrated solution, intended to be used as an additive to your personal cosmetics, instantly transforming them, and your skin! It is a potent booster with ingredients that other companies charge hundreds of dollars for!

It contains cold-extracted components, which means that there is no damage or deformities. Through a cold extraction, the compounds are undenatured and in their natural state. The bee venom tricks the skin into thinking it has been stung, which is said to increase collagen, circulation, and it leaves a tingly sensation on the skin. What we have learned that may help many going forward is that a customer with a bee venom allergy used this topically and it seemed to lower his sensitivity all together! That is helpful to hear because we were taught there is no support available for a bee allergy.

It has many Apitherapy factors, including bee venom, pollen, propolis, and manuka honey. It also has the cold-processed collagen fibrils, which have the ability to sustain damaged cells. We have seen how they alone have helped to heal minor cuts and wounds overnight! There are adaptogens, like knotweed, skullcap, and philodendron, known for pulling compounds into the microcirculatory areas. We use whole food sources, which contain essential vitamins. For example, catnip offers vitamin E and Queen Anne’s lace is a superior source of vitamin A and beta carotene. There is a natural content of hyaluronic acid, which is something most all high-end cosmetics contain because it is important in collagen processes.

There are many enzymes that act as biofilm busters on the skin layer. The magnesium and CoQ10 compounds may be received by transdermal absorption, assisting with blood flow, circulation, as well as aches and painful muscles. It is dense in vitamin C, which is from acerola cherry. We have done our research and found plants that actually help collagen bonds to be even stronger than they are naturally. Lastly, we add a full-spectrum, cold-processed cannabinoid product, which ensures inflammatory compounds! 

There are tons of venom and cannabinoid studies that touch on the benefits for the skin, including collagen production, enhancement, acne, and wrinkles. It is a true all-in-one treatment!

Add drops to your skin serums and creams, general beauty products, shampoo, conditioner, salves, face masks, moisturizers, soaps, and lotions to create D.I.Y. collagen, cannabinoid, and Apitherapy tools that are affordable. The more chronic your issue, the more you may want to add. For those that have their own business making products such as these, this is ideal for you to purchase to use as an additive to your own creations!

We recommend adding 10 drops of this solution to each ounce of product. For example, a 1 oz. face serum would have 10 drops added to it. An 8 oz. bottle of shampoo would get 80 drops added. There are approximately 600 drops contained in a 1 oz. bottle, a simple example of how far a small bottle of this additive may go!

The shelf life is 5 years, more than ample time to use every last drop, sparingly. Our ingredients come from bee-friendly companies that are just as concerned about the bee population, and repopulation, as you and I are.

If you are allergic to bees, it may be best to spot test a drop on the skin before applying it in larger amounts, to see what your tolerance threshold is.


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