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Rose Petals

For Support With: Vitamin C / Beautifying Skin / Anti-Aging!

The Liquid Version Of A Plant! Unlimited Possibilities!

Bulgarian Red Rosa (Rosa Damascena) Petal Distillate



We are very excited to offer, not only handcrafted hydrosol from the wildcrafted plants that we love, but also HydroTea™, which others normally toss out, yet we know the medicinal value and healing that it offers! You can still purchase your clear, traditional hydrosol alone, or add on the concentrate that is created with your product. If you purchase the two together there is even more of a discount. If you just want the Hydrosol tea, it is available as well. Keep in mind that both are created with a 12+ hour steep of plant material. 

A hydrosol is the essence, containing the life force of a plant. It is a colloidal suspension of the plants, vitamins, nutrients, acids, essential oils, aromatic constituents, and other soluble compounds. It is made by distilling the plant material. In this case, and product, it is the intact rose hips, meaning it also includes the petals.  Rose hydrosol is said to stimulate the skin to increase the blood flow of the microvessels of the face and neck. 

The distillation process is that of when the material releases substances in the form of steam, which then turns back into liquid upon contact with extreme cold. The produced water, or hydrosol solution, contains the colloidal vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other constituents of that particular plant material. The hydrosol solution may also smell and taste similar to what it is made out of. As long as the plant material is edible, so is the hydrosol made from it! This one is edible of course!

This also applies to the HydroTea™! It may be ideal to keep and use as needed. When  you feel cough or cold symptoms coming on, you can take a concentrated shot of the drippings, or dilute 1/2 oz. to make a 4 oz. traditional strength cup of tea. The drippings from any type of delicacy, or process, have always been considered a prized possession!

Hydrosols are recommended to be used in many ways, which include but are not limited to: an astringent splash, body or facial spray, room/linen spray, diffuser additive, nebulizing additive, gargle solution,  blemish or acne application, detox bath additive, belly button soak, food/tea flavoring, and in most other ways the essential oil is normally used. Grapefruit and lemons are both dense in astringent properties, which make them perfect for targeting mucus and biofilms. These rinds are used by many others to support immunity, soothing itchy skin and scalp, stress reducers, uplift depressive states, fat elimination, water retention, detoxification activation, tightening of skin and bones, and for their natural quinine compounds. The aromatic compounds can be utilized in the nebulizing method, as they are energetic, uplifting, enlightening, supportive of respiratory processes, and have their own list of benefits!

Keep your hydrosols in the fridge for a longer shelf life and to make your sprays cool and refreshing!

The options to make hydrosol with are literally limitless! We can make it with so many types of plants that it would take a lifetime to make and to list them. If there is a special request of hydrosol that you would like, please email us and ask if it is something we can consider and we will do our best to oblige! As we make new hydrosols and as new requests are made, we will constantly be listing new options. Check back in often to see newly listed hydrosols, and HydroTeas™!



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Hydrosol Solutions / HydroTea™ Options;:

Traditional/Clear Hydrosol Only, Hydrosol & its HydroTea™ "On The Side" Combo, HydroTea™ Only


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