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Essential Oil Wipes & 2-Mix Liquid Cleanse!


Sample of the Month Discussion:

We are excited to share samples of our amazing products with you in generously sized portions! We randomly choose two products that we place in your package. There just so happens to be one more on reserve, for those that purchase a product that we are offering that month. We will always ensure that your sample is not a product within your package. 

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January’s “Samples of the Month”

Essential Towelettes Essential Oil Wipes & 2-Mix Liquid Core Ionic CleanseIntestinal Sweep + Parasite~Ease™ Tincture

Essential Towelettes The essential oil wipes sample will contain 10+ miniature towelettes, saturated in tea tree and eucalyptus essential oil scent. They are amazing for wiping on the skin and for sanitation support! They can be used anywhere on the body, except for the eyes. This scent smells spectacular, but it is also suggested for repelling mites. They can be especially helpful for areas of the body affected by fungus or common to omit body odor. We use this particular scent to freshen up a room and the wipes are used on our chests, to help us breathe better during a cold.

2-Mix Liquid Core Ionic CleanseThe two key blends of our core ionic cleanse. We always suggest doing an intestinal sweep alongside anti-parasitic herb. This creates a synergistic cleansing method that offers a “sweep + kill” collaboration. Large parasites and intestinal matter become entrapped in the sweep, as the anti-parasitic herbs come in to “pack a punch” in newly exposed areas. Most do not realize that matter may be lingering within their body, as unless you go looking for it, it may remain idle and hidden. The intestinal sweep consists of an herbal powder that swells when it is added to water. Therefore, no matter what variation you choose a cleanse in, the intestinal sweep will always be a powder. The parasitic herbs will come as a liquid, which is a tincture that also contains trace amounts of the anti-parasitic essential oils. There will be at least two doses of each, which makes this sample a week’s supply. It will also come with a small calendar to use as a guide. 


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