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At Any Stage of Your Wellness Path / Guidance / Products / Emotional Support / DIY Creation Advice / Spiritual Pilot

1 – Hour of My Undivided Attention

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I offer “think tank” sessions to help others with Rope Worm, parasitic infections, viral issues, bacterial infections, the condition called “Morgellons”, and in general detox methods. It can be very helpful for those who have no idea where to start.

I have been known as a pioneer in finding solutions. I have helped thousands of people in their wellness path, at all stages. I try to relay my intuition of thinking outside of the box, in relation of supporting the body. I have gained knowledge of “Rope Worms” through my own experience, as the first one that pioneered ways to fight it and eventually rid of it myself. I also experienced, researched, and found solutions for systemic fungus, and parasites.

I have worked closely with many from the community of the condition called “Morgellons” and I am thoroughly educated on the science, as well as the aspects science doesn’t mention. There is nothing you can say that I haven’t seen, dealt with, or that I won’t believe. There is nothing normal about the issues and entities we may be dealing with.

This may also be ideal for those that have no idea where to start, as far as remedies and herbs. I have attained many years of feedback from acquaintances and customers, lead group conversations, including questions about my products and concerns about other products. I also have experience in the spiritual concepts that may affect us and even our health. I can even help to teach you how to create your own DIY remedies at home. I am here for anything that you may need, including emotional support. I offer an hour of my undivided attention.

For those that want to stay on my protocols or products long-term, I would also recommend having a session, just before placing an order, and/or reordering. I am known for having long term relationships with my customers and witnessing their healing in the end of their battle. 

Pay for the time desired and I will contact you via email to set up a time that is good for us both. I only do telephone conversations. I am flexible, can speak late at night, and am willing to reschedule as needed. However, I do not offer refunds on products or services.

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