Viral Solutions™ Discount Package


Viral Solutions Discount Package 

Customize & Create Your Own Viral-Supportive Package!

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Panic and fear are spreading and crossing the oceans as the new epidemic has swept the globe. Be prepared, no fear. 

A virus has the capability to invade a cell, splice out sections, to intertwine into its own DNA structure. It is like they can alter themselves, using our molecules. This is what they may do to anything living on the Earth, including plants. Some say that a virus may actually be a particle that is not alive. Some refer to these “particles” as being like a seed, that only thrives when it is in the proper conditions, borrowing compounds from outside sources, taking them in, to function and grow. They may adapt to any environment by manipulation, even possibly of itself. It has receptors on its outer surface that may indicate what may need to take place. There are DNA and RNA viruses, where the DNA type may be slower and more precise in its replication every few minutes and an RNA virus may cause havoc and replicate every so many seconds. No matter the type, they may have intelligence that allows them to communicate. They, like bacteria, may manipulate thoughts, processes, and behaviors that attribute to their reproduction. Many are familiar with the way Toxoplasma may cause a mouse to taunt a cat, which may actually be the pathogen manipulation and viruses may work in a similar way.

One of the reasons that a viral infection may be severe is because it may create a “perfect storm”, called a cytokine storm. This is basically an inflammatory response by our own innate immune system, which may be initiated by the virus manipulation to get our body to do all of the work for it in the breaking down of our tissues for its own sustenance. They are intelligent and may cause this storm to allow themselves room to move around and to keep immunity at bay for as long as they can. Dr. Buhner tells us that a cytokine storm may be responsible for the mucus that we cough up from the lungs during infection and this could actually be masses of white blood cells. If this is occurring during a viral infection, it may indicate the lungs are having a hard time moving mucus up and out.  Most viruses may initially infect the lungs and may be spread by other body fluids.

Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly, as some studies suggest that it may not be the action of washing the hands specifically but the length of time we spend washing the hands, therefore do it very thoroughly. You may also want to consider having a nebulizing machine handy for times like these, due to viruses may mostly enter through the act of breathing. In a nutshell, viral regimens may be mostly about reducing the cytokine cascade. Therefore we recommend choosing the Cytokine Storm blend with the Viral~Ease, for added cytokine support. There may be different cytokines in different issues and this is a general blend of the most universal support. We urge you to research the cytokines involved in the issues you are experiencing. Keep in mind that treatment may require higher and more frequent dosing than protection support!

You also may want to consider our Iodine Solutions product for support in this time of viral epidemics!

We have come to a time where we may be losing the war on pathogens in general. It is time for our own health to become common knowledge. The resistance factor may become significantly lowered when the pathogens have to evolve to resist thousands of compounds, like those of plants, all at once. When we borrow a compound from a plant, we are ignoring and omitting the synergy of the masses. In your research, you may find that a specific plant may be used by many for an array of issues. There are so many compounds in a single plant that there may be just that many more benefits, processes, and mechanisms at play. We focus on the plants most recommended by world-renown herbalist, Dr. Stephen Buhner in his book, Herbal Antivirals, as well as those that are rarer herbs we wildcraft that may be specific and superior for viral support. Plants have been resisting these issues for millions of years now and we should learn from and respect them and their purpose in this world. I urge everyone to learn how to wildcraft their own local plants. 

There are many options in this package that allow you to customize your own protocol, focusing on fungal processes internally and topically. It allows you to also choose other supportive blends that may be helpful with mold in mind. We have chosen the top-recommended products to be automatically filled in for you. The most recommended fungus specific products appear in the selection tabs as a default, you can change the selection to fit your individual needs.

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Package Options 

(You can ONLY opt out of 1 product to get this package price!  If you wish to have only a few items, you must purchase them separately. We urge you to use this package as a guide for your viral intentions! We also urge everyone to consider purchasing additional support by CLICKING HERE, to find our 100% pure pokeberry juice and CLICKING HERE to find our Garlic Tears essential oil blend! It may add those finishing touches to your package!)

1. DisEase Solutions® Ionic Core Cleanses & Individual Mixes : 

  • Intest~Ease Intestinal Biofilm Sweep Only
  • Parasite~Ease Parasitic Purifier Only
  • Impurit~Ease Toxin Binder Complex Only
  • Pro/Pre~Ease Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Enzymes Only
  • 2 Mix Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only)
  • 4 Mix Special (All 4 Synergistic Mixes)

If you wish to browse this site to read about our cleanse, CLICK HERE. All 4 mixes have a powerful synergy and all 4 together are highly recommended!

2. 2 Tincture Special:

4 oz. Tincture options of those that we feel may support fungal dissolution and other related processes. Keep in mind that where you have fungal formation, you may also want to work on the resistance aspects of the pathogens themselves! You may want to rotate remedies, just in case it becomes resistant! Even though many say that they cannot become resistant to herb matter, due to thousands of compounds, we leave no room for guessing or questioning and cover all basis. CLICK HERE, to browse our “Signature Tincture Blends” category. Our intentions were to make names self-explanatory. Create your own synergy! Our top 2 tincture recommendations would be:



Cytokine Storm

3. OralToler~Ease Bioavailable Living Collagen Complex:

 Liquid, cold-processed collagen peptides, with adaptogens & enzymes! We advocate rotating a collagen supplement into your regimen in attempts to sustain damaged cells and linings, especially those that become newly exposed as the matter is removed.  When dealing with a virus, this may come in especially handy for oral tolerance processes. We urge you to do some research on oral tolerance!

4. Enzymes: 

  • CrysaLynn protein-based, blood-cleansing enzymes. We feel that protease enzymes are of the utmost importance, especially when focusing on this type of process. The enzymes may help to dismantle and dissolve protein, fibrin, and cellular matter as it is knocked loose and/or floats freely throughout the body and bloodstream. This may occur with this type of work and it may already be present in those that have never cleansed before.


  • Candida Solutions plant cell dismantling enzymes that are designed to chip away at the cell wall and then others in the mix may go after the inner proteins, also known as the core nucleus. We offer both as an oral liquid spray or as a colloidal solution!

5. Toxin/Metal Moppers:

Mopping may require a specific type of blend for specific toxins!

  • Impurit~Ease is included in the 4 mix cleanse in option #1. If you have chosen to get that, you may skip on to add another option to your package. It focuses on the universal and general mopping of toxins within the intestinal tract itself.


  • Toxin Mop Tea is a magical blend that requires heat to release fungal-mopping compounds, said by world-renown herbalist, Dr. Buhner in his book, “Healing Lyme”, to mop up 100% of systemic fungal toxins!


  • Metal Mop is just what it says, our metal-supportive blend. 

6. Immunity Support:

 No matter what we do or what we work on, we may want to consider supporting immunity. I urge everyone to also get some 100% pure pokeberry juice for added support above this package, as you may only need approximately 3 drops a day. You can find our pure, handpicked, and hand-squeezed pokeberry juice by clicking HERE! It truly is a blessing to always have on hand!

  • Immunity~Ease Our signature blend that is intended to support immunity. It is offered as a general tincture and as a glycerite for those most sensitive, the babes, or those who prefer a more gentle approach to detox.  


  • Cherry/Berry C colloidal vitamin c with acerola cherry, camu camu, honeysuckle flowers, and pokeberry juice.


  • Medi Mush a blend of magical medicinal mushrooms. This blend also contains one of the rarest mushrooms that we wildcraft to offer to you, the Bondarzewia mushroom! 

7. Supplement Solutions:

A category of synergistic supplements that we feel may create a synergy like no other!

  • QuerBerine Tea a liquid blend of quercetin and berberine, synergized and enhanced by green tea, including its flower! Some say that using the flower with the leaf and stems of a green tea plant may enhance the enzymatic activity by a thousand percent! Used in drops.


  • CoQNAC is a liquid blend of CoQ10 and NAC, heart-strengthening and astringent properties. Used in drops. 


  • Black Seed Zinc an amazing blend for viral support. As it turns out, black seed concentrate can act as a zinc transporter. Not a single customer that has tried this has said it did not help them

8. Belly Button Solutions:

We have pioneered navel soaks and offer them to you in different signature scents, as each scent is a blend of oils intended to support what the name indicates. Here is the Belly Button Solutions soak in the Viral Solutions scent;

9. Nasal Solutions:

A product for support where the pathogens may go to hide during any type of cleansing regimen. We have attempted to think outside of the box to cover all basis. Here is the Nasal Solutions spray in the Viral Solutions scent information:

10. Essential Oil:

We have added our essential oil signature blend, Viral Solutions in pure and prediluted versions, for you to choose which may be best for you. Using this essential oil in every way that you can think of, in every place that you can come up with, may support your work and journey. If you choose the 100% pure blend, be sure to dilute it yourself before use. Our prediluted blend comes as a 50/50 dilution in sunflower oil.

11. Skin/Scalp Viral Supportive Products:

As we always say that the pathogens may enter our body through weaknesses in our skin. Imagine if you could utilize a topical viral barrier. Some even claim to have a plastic-like layer covering the skin’s surface. These are products that may offer this specific type of support. 

  • Essential Silk Skin Serum – 8 oz. Collagen/CoQ10/CBD-Enhanced Body Lotion in the Viral Solutions Scent

  • OR
  • Suds~Ease Soap Brick – 8 oz. Collagen/CBD-Enhanced Soap Cut Into 3 Bars in the Viral Solutions Scent
  • Soothe~Ease Detox Bath Salts – 3 lbs. of Bath Salts in the Viral Solutions Scent

  • Soothe~Ease Liquid Detox Bath Solution – 4 oz. Liquid Concentrate Detox Bath Additive in the Viral Solutions Scent

  • Lather~Ease Shampoo – 8 oz. Biotin/Collagen/Probiotic-Enhanced in the Viral Solutions Scent

  • ZeoSuds Concentrated Debriding Soap – 8 oz. Collagen/Kojac Acid/Sulfur Liquid Body Soap in the Viral Solutions Scent
  • ParaMite~Ease DIY Concentrate – 4 oz. Pathogen D.I.Y. Additive in the Mite~Ease ScentOR
  • Chap~Ease Chafing Butter – 4 oz. Lanolin/Calamine Oil-Based Chafing Buffer in a Rose ScentOR
  • Creepy/Crawl Skin Serum – 8 oz. Bay Leaf/Mustard Seed/Kelp Anti-Crawling Body Lotion in the Mite~Ease ScentOR
  • Spiral~Ease Spray Gel – 8 oz. Collagen/CBD/Biotin Hair Gel in the Viral Solutions Scent

  • OR
  • Tears of Silk Foaming Facial/Hand Wash – 8 oz. Collagen/Blossom Foaming Soap in the Viral Solutions Scent

  • Remed~Ease Skin Healing Serum – 6 oz. Bloodroot/Frankincense/Myrrh Oil-Based Salve in a Natural Medicinal Scent

Happy Cleansing!!!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Cleanse Option #1

Impurit~Ease™ ™ Toxin Binding Powder Only, Intest~Ease™ Intestinal Biofilm Sweep Powder Only, Parasite~Ease™ Parasitic Support Powder Only, Pro/Pre~Ease™ Prebiotic, Probiotic, & Enzymatic Powder Only, 2 Mix Powdered Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic), 2 Mix Liquid Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only), 2 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse (Intestinal & Parasitic Mixes Only), 4 Mix Core Powdered Cleanse (All 4 Mixes), 4 Mix Liquid Cleanse (All 4 Mixes), 4 Mix Encapsulated Cleanse, No Cleanse

Tincture #1 Option

Alkaline Solutions™ (Oxygenation Support), Antibiot~Ease™ (Natural Compounds), Biofilm Grenade™ (Biofilm Busting Support), BritN~Ease™ (AntiFungal/Organ Supportive), CoInfect~Ease™, Constipation Solutions™, CryptoClaw™, Cytokine Storm™, Ease~Siac™, Encystment Solutions™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™ (AntiFungal/Organ/MultiDimensional), Lyme Solutions™, Lymph~Ease™, Mucus~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Plasma~Ease™, Quorum Disrupt™, Viral~Ease™, None

Tincture #2 Option

Alkaline Solutions™ (Oxygenation Support), Antibiot~Ease™ (Natural Compounds), Biofilm Grenade™, CoInfect~Ease™, Constipation Solutions™, CryptoClaw™, Cytokine Storm™, Ease~Siac™, Encystment Solutions™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Homeostase~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph~Ease™, Mucus~Ease™, Mycoplas~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Plasma~Ease™, Quorum Disrupt™, Viral~Ease™, None

Collagen Supplementation:

4 oz. OralToler~Ease™, No Collagen In My Package

Enzymatic Solutions™

Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Colloidal Enzyme, Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Oral Spray, CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase Liquid 4 oz. Colloidal Enzyme, CrysaLynn™ Serrapeptase Liquid 4 oz. Oral Spray, No Enzymes In My Package

Toxin & Metal Moppers:

Impurit~Ease™ 4 oz. Powder (Universal Mop), Impurit~Ease™ 4 oz. Tincture (Universal Mop), Toxin Mop™ Tea (Fungal Mop), Metal™ Mop 2 oz. LIquid (Chelators), No Binder/Chelators In My Package

Immunity Supportive Products:

Cherry/Berry C™ Colloidal Vitamin C 4 oz., Immunity~Ease™ 4 oz. Tincture, Immunity~Ease™ 4 oz. Glycerite, Medi Mush™ 4 oz. Tincture (Medicinal Mushrooms), No Immunity Support In My Package

Supplement Solutions:

QuerBerine Tea™ (Quercetin/Berberine/Green Tea) 2 oz. Liquid Dropper, CoQNAC™ (CoQ10/NAC) 2 oz. Liquid Dropper, Black Seed Zinc™, No Supplemental Support In My Package

Belly Button Solutions™

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Nasal Spray Options:

Antibiot~Ease™, Bacterial Solutions™, Biofilm Solutions™, Fiber~Ease™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, Parasite~Ease™, Plasma~Ease™, Respiratory~Ease™, Viral~Ease™, No Nasal Spray

Essential Oil - Viral~Ease™:

1 oz. 100% Pure (Requires Your Dilution), 2 oz. PreDiluted 50/50 In Sunflower OIl (Ready To Use), No Essential Oil In My Package

Skin/Scalp Support (Viral~Ease™ Scent/If Applicable):

8 oz. Essential Silk™ Skin Serum, 8 oz. Suds~Ease™ Soap Brick, 3 lbs. Soothe~Ease™ Detox Bath Salts, 4 oz. Soothe~Ease™ Liquid Detox Bath Solution, 8 oz. Lather~Ease™ Shampoo, 8 oz. ZeoSuds™ Concentrated Debriding Soap, 4 oz. ParaMite~Ease™ DIY Concentrate, 4 oz. Chap~Ease™ Chafing Butter, 8 oz. Creepy/Crawl™ Skin Serum, 8 oz. Spiral~Ease™ Spray Gel, 8 oz. Tears of Silk™ Foaming Facial/Body Wash, 6 oz. Remed~Ease™ Skin Healing Serum, No Skin/Scalp Products In My Package


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