In Memoriam

The Guiding & Guardian Angels of Dis~Ease Solutions…….

Dennis Lee Tripp III
Lynn Thomas BeMiller III

I want to honor two kids that guided, inspired, and helped to guide me personally, to be exactly where I am today. Both played an important role in my own journey and with founding this business. I know that I did not get here alone, as I have followed “signs” that placed me here today. Looking back, I see how it all perfectly aligned….

My only son, Lynn Thomas, was the first that I knew to find Rope Worm matter within his body. He and I were both chronically ill at once, suspected a common root. We both began to research night and day. He was consumed by information, research, and finding ways to rid his body of what he called “a snake”. I was awed by his ability to pioneer. He was experimenting methods of Rope Worm extraction, coming up with theories, and sharing thoughts that are still in my extended theories today. He had zero medical knowledge. He planted seeds in my creativity. One of his last messages said, “Hey, Mom, do you think this is related to, and can we repair our own collagen? At that time, collagen repair was uncharted territory. As a fellow sufferer in social media groups, a day came when he approached me with a plan. He wanted the two of us to start a business together. He wanted to have a safe place for new sufferers to go to that had no idea where to start. We were to figure out how to rid of Rope Worm matter, offer the products, and donate to those that could not afford them. Two weeks later, he was hit by a car going 125 mph while riding his skateboard home at dusk. Six months later, after months of living in depressing darkness, I decided that I was going to proceed with his idea, as a way to motivate me to live life again.

Lynn had a younger cousin, my nephew, Dennis Lee, who looked up to and admired him. The week that we buried Lynn Thomas, Dennis Lee and his sister wanted to come home with me, to comfort me and my young daughter. They didn’t leave our side for a week, as they needed us as much as we needed them. They got me through the hardest week of my life, and I am grateful for both of them.

After Lynn’s death, they spent weekends with us, 100 miles away from their home, helping me wildcraft and gather plants, to add to my new cleanse and to offer to other sufferers. Many days Dennis sat in the back of my truck, tailgate down, feet dangling, hair in the wind, and the sun on his face, as we purposely got lost on miles and miles of dirt roads. Those were some of the most glorious days that I’ve had still.

Dennis was born with a heart defect and throughout his life, he needed multiple heart surgeries. A year and a half after Lynn passed, he suddenly needed an emergency surgery. Unexpectedly, he never came back to us. I’ll never forget the moment that we had the night before. He put one hand on each side of my face and then he gently kissed me on the forehead and said, “I love you, Aunt Chris”. I will always remember that moment with him.

They were both dear to me and my spirit will always be lifted with memories. I am grateful to both of them, and my soul will always long to see them once more. It humbles me to have the opportunity to mention them and I thank you for reading this far. They are simply memorialized here because one rooted for me to begin, and the other inspired me to keep going. Love is powerful.