Graphic Photos

I have an amazing collection of photos of the intestinal biofilm mass that is known by many names, such as Rope Worm”, “Mucoid Plaque”, “Intestinal Biofilm”, and simply “Mucus”. To us, these photos clear up many potential debates concerning them all being a different substance. Clearly, they all may be one and the same, possibly just different stages, densities, and pathogenic processes.

We urge everyone to look for this matter in your body, as it may save you lots of time, trouble, research, and money by focusing on issues that may be rooted in it. The presence may indicate inflammatory and cytokine storm processes in the mucal membranes and tissues of your body. Many will treat for parasites, fungus, bacteria, and viruses and let this matter go unattended because they either don’t believe they have it or they simply don’t know about it. It is an aspect of the human body that the medical society doesn’t acknowledge.

I recommend for everyone that is interested to purchase the “Rope Worm Ebook“, to learn more. It includes theories that have been realized in our conversations. I have no affiliation, except that I know it will not mislead you, as many out there do. It has valuable information. The main products we have to support these processes are our “Rope Solutions” herbal blend and essential oil. They may be combined with our Intest~Ease™ intestinal sweep to sweep matter out as you pack a punch with other remedies, our Belly Button Solutions™ (Fiber~Ease™ Scent) for deeper penetration, our collagen supportive products like OralToler~Ease™ and Egg Solutions™, and the CrysaLynn™ enzymes to have a head start to fight this phenomenon. There are Discounted Package Solutions™ available with all of these products as options and we explain in detail our protocol that many followers have also used, found in the “What Helped Us” category. This matter may be related to long-term disease processes, meaning that to get better may also be a long-term dis-ease process. Stay consistent and I wish you luck on your journey! Click on the names in blue to be redirected to them.

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