Graphic Photos

I am excited to share the amazing collection of photos of the intestinal biofilm mass that is known as Rope Worm, Mucoid Plaque, and mucus. This is the first thing I would urge everyone to look for, to identify if the inflammatory and cytokine processes related to it are happening in your body. Many will treat for parasites, fungus, bacteria, and viruses and let this matter go unattended because they either don’t believe they have it or they simply don’t know about it. Educate yourselves and do your own research because this is an obvious aspect of the human body that the medical society either ignores or isn’t aware of. I recommend for everyone that is interested to purchase the “Rope Worm Ebook“, to learn more. It was written by a personal friend and it includes some of the theories that the two of us have collaborated on in conversations, over the past five years. I have no affiliation, except that I know it will tell you truth and it is only a mere $4.95, basically enough to cover costs of writing and listing the book. It has valuable information! The main products we have to support these processes is our Intest~Ease intestinal sweep, Parasite~Ease parasitic purifier (2 or 4 Mix Ionic Cleanse), and Belly Button Solutions (Fiber~Ease Scent). I would also recommend the Encystment Solutions, Cytokine Solutions, Impurit~Ease binders, 100% Pure Pokeberry Juice, and Lyme Solutions to possibly assist with sweeping it out and targeting the pathogens and processes involved. What helped me immensely was the raw egg smoothies, which I have a recipe of my own on the bottom of the homepage of this website. I do offer collagen supportive products like OralToler~Ease and Egg Solutions. My favored CrysaLynn enzymes are included in this list of products that helped my family the most as well. Toss in some Metal Mop and Toxin Mop and you have a great start to fighting this phenomena. There are Discounted Package Solutions available with all of these products as options. This matter may be related to long-term processes, meaning that to get better may also be a long-term process. Stay consistent, at some pace, and I wish you luck on your journey! Click on the names in blue to be redirected to them.

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