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Our Story

I have helped thousands of others by simply sharing and donating solutions that helped my family, after we all developed a mysterious illness, including the dog. I had no choice but to seek out unconventional ways to try and get better. The medical and herbal professionals I sought out were puzzled, as not one of them had ever heard of the issues I spoke of, including the things that were coming from our body. With the feeling of massive movements and the rapid onset of sickness, of multiple family members at once, I realized that what was happening to us was something unknown……..

Ironically my son and I were experiencing the same symptoms, only days apart. We were visiting doctors and emergency units together, for the same reasons. In only two months time, we had a crisis 16 times, mostly together. Each time riding this “merry-go-round”, we were disrespected, misled, and released from the emergency room with no further options. We were given prescriptions that had been taken off the shelves for years. Not one of the 22 medical professionals we sought out could answer any of my questions regarding a possible parasitic infection and our 9 stool tests came back negative. I always left more hopeless and unsure, and they seemed reluctant to see us again. I was even more reluctant to go back to them….

Some of the symptoms that we all suffered:

  • I Lost the Ability to Speak
  • Emotional Outbursts
  • Massive Hair Loss
  • Unexplained Movements in the Gut & Chest
  • Uncontrollable Head Shaking, Resembling Parkinson’s
  • Auditory Hallucinations of Sonic Booms
  • Insomnia & Daytime Fatigue
  • Degenerative Eyesight
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Formation of Bronchial Casts (Mucus Hardening In Airways, Taking Its Shape)
  • Numbness/Pains/Pins & Needles of the Extremities
  • Migrating Pains of a Boring Sensation in the Upper Chest & Breasts
  • Aching of the Heart
  • Extreme Weight Gain & Loss
  • Stool Issues
  • Dark Circles Under the Eyes
  • Floating Matter In the Eyes
  • Rashy/Red Patches in the Throat & Mouth (Candida)
  • Severe Acid Reflux
  • Collagen Depletion of the Skin
  • Dents Appearing in the Rib Bones
  • Brain Fog
  • Flu-Like Symptoms Persisting for Months
  • Respiratory Distress (Painful to Deeply Breathe)
  • Ringing in the Ears
  • Large Growths Appearing
  • Persisting Rashes
  • Broken Blood Vessels Covering the Chest
  • Debilitating Anxiety
  • Intense Muscle Tightening in the Neck & Jaw Area
  • Fiber-Like Matter Exiting the Eyes & Stool
  • “Twisting” Sensations in the Back of the Skull
  • Persisting Cold & Flu Symptoms
  • Intestinal Mucus Strands (Up To 6 ft. Long)
  • High Blood Pressure – Day & Night (200+)
  • My Young Child Continuously Moved All Night While Sleeping
  • A Knot / Lump Inside the Stomach
  • A Mass Sliding Over the Ribs While Bending

My research repeatedly pointed to the possibility of parasites and fungus, although I dismissed it, as I thought that could never happen to my family. In the middle of the night, as I sat in my bed researching, something very large “stretched” from my navel to the center of my breasts, approximately eight inches in a single “thrust”. It felt as though something had exited my stomach while partially staying in place inside my gut. I immediately took an antiparasitic and the next morning, I began to release horrifying matter!

All at once, I released over six feet of mucus that seemed to be twisted into the shape of my intestines. For two weeks, I expelled a thick, viscous, black tar-like substance, resembling a baby’s first stool, meconium, or what would come to mind when hearing the words “black goo”. If I would imagine what could be large enough to cause the movement we experienced, nothing else could come to mind. A few times before this, my son frantically called me in the middle of the night, frightened by what he described as a large “snake”. I now suspected that this was also affecting him. A fire was lit beneath me, as this was the time of hope that answers or a direction may follow. I just had to figure out exactly who, what, when, and how………

Day and night I researched, as I feared I wouldn’t be here much longer to help my children. I examined and researched what we were releasing. I found less than a handful of social media groups where there were thousands of other fellow sufferers who were experiencing and releasing similar matter. We researched by the masses, emotionally supported one another, reported back our results and tossed ideas around together. We put some of the puzzle pieces together, to view a better understanding but we did not solve matters. Upon sharing photos and tips, we realized that many were releasing this matter in similar formations as well!

It seemed work had to be done to remove this mucus, as it doesn’t just come out on its own, without initiation. There were also many health, science, and technical professionals alongside us who also attempted to understand this new phenomenon. We were always trying to find solutions but options and knowledge were slim, as herbals were not spoken of, nor mentioned often. We couldn’t find that “one remedy” that would work for us all. Nothing seemed to stop or slow the mucus down, as it was coming back just as quickly as we would rid of it. For many, if they didn’t constantly expel mucus, they seemed to become ill all over again.

By phone, I contacted over thirty herbalists, Chinese doctors, doctors, and health coaches, from all over the country, yet not one of them had any idea as to what I was even talking about. I quickly realized that we had been one of the firsts to have stumbled onto the unknown, or possibly purposely hidden aspect of the body!

Eventually, I stumbled upon herbs that worked amazingly for my family. By sharing them with groups, many began to follow my progress and when they tried them for their own mucus issues, they seemed to experience great results as well. With reports of different helpful methods of cleansing with herbs, I decided to create a cleanse that incorporated the most helpful and popular aspects, at once, rather than only focusing on one at a time. I cleansed my intestines of mucus, battled parasites, removed different toxins, and used prebiotics to feed the probiotics in my blend.

Bit by bit intestinal cleansing for the mucus seemed to be working for us and it seemed to appear lighter in color. I ate raw egg smoothies, with raspberries to mask the taste of the herbs. One morning my 2 yr. old daughter, took a sip of my smoothie, as my attention was elsewhere. I had not cleansed her at this point because of her age and I was so focused on us that were showing chronic signs of illness. The next morning, to my horror, she had expelled the same massive release of mucus that I originally found in myself and my son! There were about six feet of mucus in her diaper. I felt a lot of guilt because I almost missed it and that she may have become much worse, as we did. This is why I advocate that you must treat all the members of your family, including your pets!

As we started to feel better, my son always joking tried to convince me to start a business together, taking our newfound knowledge and offering the cleanse that helped us to our new companions. He felt such an urgency for them, especially the new sufferers that came along with little knowledge and no sense of direction, nor any answers. He became well enough to return home, many miles away, back to his old life and out from under my care-taking, protective wings…….

Two weeks later, tragically, my son was killed by a drunk driver. After his death, I began to feel my health regress, due to my deep sorrow. After months of grieving and receiving sign after sign, I decided to build that business, in his honor. I didn’t want him to be forgotten, as that is a mother’s worst fear. I now live to make his life make a difference. My logo represents a crying feather, the tears of a mother lost in worry for her sick children, and a recognition of my heartbreaking journey…..It then became my passion….and so my journey all alone began……..

Since the beginning, I have attempted to help every single person that has been placed into my path, in whatever way I could. I am simply tired of watching others suffer when the answer can be so simple. I am sick of no help from those that we seek out in a time of need, especially in the health profession. This is for our children’s future. What kind of leaders, experiments, options, or path are we leaving them? We need health and pathogen information to become common knowledge, to make a difference! I have already witnessed a huge shift!

Please have a look around, as I have many things to offer! There is a “Graphic Photos” section where I share my own personal photos, alongside some from fellow sufferers. I have created an “In Memorandum” page for the two angels of heaven that inspired and helped me to get to where I am today. I offer you the option to sign up as an “Affiliate” to make some extra money while you work on getting well. I am consistently working on the site and I will be setting up a feather points system that will reward you with feathers for different aspects. So keep checking back to see what’s new! You may just get a feather or two for that too!