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I have acquired and mastered the ability to create products that repair, detoxify, and restore balance in the skin layer. My customers seek me out to assist them with many issues, especially the skin and scalp. Many of them have spent a fortune on false promises by snake oil salesmen that don’t’ work as expected. I seem to be their last stop and they continue to use my products long-term. These truly are some of the best products that even I have personally ever used! 

Know that if you are in need, that you are not alone. A high percentage of those with acute toxicity, mucus, fungus, and pathogens in the skin seem to also be experiencing systemic issues. The body needs outlets to purge the wastes that it processes and accumulates. These places also have their own biome!

I commonly hear of an issue referred to as “moving hair”. Theories from the sufferers indicate that the hair strands may be able to harbor its own pathogens. They compare the hair movement to the pattern of the environmental fiber-like matter that also is said to move, in the same unexplainable fashion. 

I have attempted to find solutions for every person that has been placed in my path and these products are the end result. They are powerful weapons that can be described as being all-in-one. They look beautiful, smell amazing, yet they still tackle difficult issues.  They are far more than for “beauty”.

Products for the skin that may support pH balancing, collagen production, and an overall solution to maintaining a clear complexion. It may help to improve, as soon as overnight! 

Where possible, there is living collagen in them that promotes glowing, supple skin, elasticity, and moisture content. Some may contain superior pathogen-fighting compounds like 30+ wildcrafted blossoms, ionic vitamins and minerals, zinc, soil-based probiotics, CBD (no THC), and much more. Some make you feel fresher and many years younger on the first use. I have witnessed these products bring homeostasis, over and over again.

I have formulated many different signature scents for many different purposes, yet the essential oils themselves support many things, making them multi-dimensional.

If you need help deciding which signature scent your body may need the most, I recommend getting an energy scan from Quantum Insight Solutions, which may tell you what your body is thinking!

I create multi-dimensional solutions intended to strengthen, defend, fight, and restore the balance and beauty that you once had!

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Showing 1–12 of 19 results