Barnacle Clear™


Skin Barnacle Minimizer

Pure, Hand-Squeezed, Plant Extract

For Topical Use Only


Skin barnacles are often called “barnacles”, “age spots”, “tags”, “growths”, or they can appear like a mushroom growing on the skin. Like a wart, there is a similarity in structure, which is living and dead skin cells excessively layering on the skin. They seem to be stuck on the skin because they are rooted in, like a plant. The root is connected to the nerves, making them painful and impossible to remove by picking or scrubbing them.

Skin growths can rapidly grow. They can be small and discrete, or they can be tumor-like and unsightly. They are embarrassing, and one may constantly attempt to cover it up to be unseen. I was blessed the day I found this product. I was sitting in a pasture, identifying weeds. I found Buttercup, by the tiny yellow flowers that sparked my curiosity. As it turned out, their top benefit was aiding in the removal of warts!

I had a black, melanoma-like growth on my forearm that was rapidly growing, like a mushroom! I rubbed the juice from this plant on it and got a slight burning sensation. In less than two days, it literally shriveled up and fell off my forearm! The growth itself fell off but the “root” was left behind. With one more application, the root fell off my arm completely! Since then, six years ago, not a sign of return.

For the past four years we have been trying to figure out how to capture this its active enzymes into a bottle. The method of extraction that we use is to damage fresh plant material, which releases drops of a pure, liquid essence. This product takes a lot of time and plant material. We have to harvest, clean, and process a whole plant to get only drops from it.

Only apply this essence directly to the area desired and not to the healthy skin surrounding it. While it may assist in removing growths, it can burn healthy skin. A slight burn is normal, although if intense, simply wash it off with soapy water, twice, and try again 24 hours later.

It comes in a dropper bottle for the convenience of direct application to the site.

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