Hydrosol Solutions™

Hydrosol & Its HydroTea

Most that know about herbals understand what hydrosol is but even those individuals have never heard of what we call HydroTea.  This is because most have never heard of keeping the concentrated liquid left over from the distillation process. We are the first to utilize the “aus jus” that is created! We have thought outside the box to create new, effective remedies and this is an example! Most companies do not know its value as we do!

The steam distillation process results in three different liquids. As the mother vat containing water and herbs begins to boil, it creates a steam. The steam is quickly cooled, solidifying it back to a liquid state, containing the plant’s compounds and essential oil. The essential oil is normally what most distillers’ desire, and it is separated and removed from the hydrosol. However, we do it differently! We do not take the essential oil out of the hydrosol. It is not what we are after!

We are always willing to distill any herb that you may be looking for! If you do not see what you’re looking for here, please email us at dis.ease.martyr@gmail.com to request a custom-made order at the same prices!

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