Hydrosol – Rhododendron


Hydrosol & HydroTea

Distillate Water & Its Drippings

 May Support: Astringent Constituents, Beautifying!

The Liquid Version of a Plant!

Wildcrafted Rhododendron “Rhododendron arboreum” (Flower & Twig) Distillate


Rhododendron Discussion:

Rhododendron is highly prized for its flowers, which are sought out for their astringent and anti-aging benefits!

Hydrosol & HydroTea Discussion:

There seems to be confusion on the difference between hydrosol and essential oil. The hydrosol is the clear distillate (steam) that the distillation process results in. It is a solution that contains the main constituents of that particular plant. It is a naturally collided suspension of the vitamins, nutrients, acids, essential oils, aromatic constituents, and other soluble compounds. We even leave the essential oil that is created right into the hydrosol! We feel that you may get more out of this product with the natural essential oils intact!

Again, as long as the plant is edible, and we ask you to do your own research on this matter, the hydrosol and tea concentrate can be used in herbal teas, smoothies, or a glass of water.

We are very excited to offer, not only the clear distillate, but also the concentrated drippings that run back down from the plant material and also the steam. We call HydroTea! For edible herbs, 2 droppers of the HydroTeacan be added to a 4 oz. cup of hot water, to create a traditional strength herbal tea. It can be used to create a cup of tea with little to no work!

While there is essential oil in the hydrosol, it is not what we are after! We are seeking out the concentrated water-soluble compounds. Hydrosols are considered to be interchangeable to the cold-processed essential oil in its benefits and uses. As long as the plant material is edible, so is the hydrosol made from it.

This also applies to the HydroTea™! It may be best used as needed, while symptoms are present! It is so concentrated that it may be best to use it when you are experiencing or feel symptoms coming on. Simply take a concentrated shot of the drippings or to make a cup of tea. Whereas the hydrosol may be best as a consistent, daily source of the compounds, given that the plant itself is edible. Topical use of either variation is completely safe on a daily basis.

Either variation is recommended to be used in many ways, which include but are not limited to an astringent splash, body or facial spray, room/linen spray, diffuser additive, nebulizing additive, gargle solution, blemish or acne application, detox bath additive, belly button soak, food/tea flavoring, and in most other ways the essential oil is normally used. 

Keep your hydrosols in the fridge for a longer shelf life and to make your sprays cool and even more refreshing!

The options as to what you can use hydrosol in are literally limitless! If there is a special request for hydrosol that you would like, please email us and ask if it is something we can consider, and we will do our best to oblige! We will be distilling this fall season and as we make new variations, we will constantly be listing new options. Check back in often!

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