Poke Berry Juice


100% Pure, Wildcrafted, Hand-Squeezed Pokeberry Juice

One of the Highest Source of Vitamin C / Biologically Active Against Viruses!

An Old Saying Goes, “A Berry A Day May Keep Viruses At Bay”!


We seem to be guided to plants that were meant to be introduced to the world. Pokeberry is one of the most invasive plants and can be found in nearly everyone’s backyard. Although, most do not even realize the medicinal smorgasbord available to them! As the old saying goes, “A poke berry a day may keep the viruses at bay”! 

Pokeberry juice is actually one of the world’s highest natural whole-food sources of vitamin C. The root may actually be one of the most potent lymphatic herbs you will find! We offer this hand-squeezed juice, as well as every other part of the plant. You can view the whole plant variations by “Clicking Here“.

We wildcraft the berries in season, when they are plump and ripe. They are so rare that we believe we are the only ones in the world to offer the juice! Each berry contains 10 seeds, which are the toxic part of the plant that many websites warn about. The berry juice itself is NOT toxic, rather it is highly biologically active! This means it has a direct impact on tissues, organisms, and cells! Over time, the juice ferments into a vinegar, which aside from its deep magenta color, is why it may be used in some wines. We recommend keeping it refrigerated to slow the fermentation processes down. The fermentation does not affect its effectiveness, rather only its color and consistency. This process is its natural preservative!

We are told that pokeberry juice contains no cholesterol, although dense in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium, and iron. They contain compounds that are anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and it may help with skin issues, including appearance, dryness, and scars. They have constituents that help us to fight free radicals, which is what the most powerful antioxidants specialize in. Those who work with herbs and understand pokeberry juice benefits use them to support anemia. Anemia is a condition that occurs when red blood cells are starved of oxygen. The B12 content may be very helpful for increasing the oxygen transfer processes of the cells and tissues.

It may be very important to some to have a natural source of iron, rather than taking a synthetic source and pokeberry juice may be just what they are looking for. They may also support the thyroid with their dense copper content. They may also provide amazing support for brain processes, such as cognition, memory, and concentration.

A top cancer center within the U.S. uses poke berry in its world-famous formula. They touch base on the following aspects and you can read for yourself by Clicking Here, to be redirected to their claims: 

  • Chemicals found in poke berry juice and its use in treating tumors in laboratory mice.
  • Testing to determine if it can protect cells from HIV and AIDS.
  • Biological activity in laboratory experiments.
  • Antiviral protein (PAP) may be capabilities inhibiting the replication of viruses.
  • The anti-fungal protein (PAFP) effects on fungi.

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