Poke Berry Juice


Pokeberry Juice

Cellular Oxygen / Biologically Active Against Fungus & Viruses / Extracted to Order / Wildcrafted

Old Saying Goes, “A Berry A Day May Keep Viruses at Bay”!

Requires Refrigeration / Do Not Shake Vigorously / Release Cap Occasionally


Pokeberry Juice Discussion:

We seem to have been guided to plants like pokeberry, those in which were meant to be introduced to the world. As far as we can tell, we are the only ones that offer this juice. Pokeweed is one of THE most invasive plants. So invasive that it is commonly called “a weed on steroids”. It may be found in nearly everyone’s backyard, thriving without care and in any type of soil.

There is an old saying, “A pokeberry a day may keep the viruses at bay”. Viruses are exactly what the modern world seems to be having issues with today. We are told that the invasives’ grow in areas where they are needed the most. Almost as if a higher source has sent us a gift. It is said that invasive plants are resistant against local epidemic pathogens. 

Your purchase of pokeberry juice requires refrigeration as soon as you receive it. Over time pokeberry juice ferments into a natural vinegar, which is why it is used by some to make wine. Refrigeration significantly slows the fermentation process, although you may want to release the cap occasionally, to avoid bursting. You do not want your pokeberry to sit at room temperature, or to be exposed to heat, as it speeds up the fermentation. This fermentation does not affect its effectiveness, rather only its color and consistency. This process is its natural preservative, ensuring that pokeberry juice can be used once it ages.

We wildcraft the berries in season, when they are plump, magenta in color, and ripe. They are a rare treat. Each berry contains 10 seeds that can remain viable for up to 40 years. The seeds within are actually the part of the plant that many are referring to with toxic warnings. The berry juice itself is NOT toxic, rather it is highly medicinal.

You take 10+ drops a day by placing the drops under your tongue and allowing them to sit for up to three minutes, then swallowing the remaining. There are approximately 600 drops in a 1 oz. bottle. Therefore, a small bottle may go a long way.

Pokeberry juice is biologically active, which means it has a direct impact on tissues, organisms, and cells. As it turns out, the juice of this berry is being studied for its abilities to double the efficiency of solar cell fibers to absorb solar energy. This could be very important in “The Great Awakening”. Many believe that solar electromagnetic frequencies affect our consciousness.

Pokeweed has been used since long ago as a medicinal, for treating everything from skin conditions to blood-cleansing. Today, it is currently under intensive research by the American Cancer Society for its capabilities to treat cancerous tumors, as well as cellular protection from HIV and AIDS. (1) They have created an herbal formula, containing pokeberry juice, which many may have heard of called “Hoxsey Formula”. Pokeberry has an antiviral protein called (PAP), which may have capabilities to inhibit the replication of viruses. (2) It also contains a protein called (PAFP), which is a potent anti-fungal protein that has an effect on fungus. (2)

Pokeberry juice is dense in antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B2, calcium, and iron. B2 is responsible for enzymatic reactions and activity with other vitamins, in the production of energy, and keeping the nervous system healthy. They contain compounds that are anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and it may help with skin issues, including appearance, dryness, and scars. They have constituents that help us to fight free radicals, which is what the most powerful antioxidants specialize in. It is also said to anemia, an issue where the red blood cells are oxygen starved. It has constituents that can be very helpful in the cellular oxygen transfer processes of the cells and tissues.

It may be very important to some to have a natural source of iron, rather than taking a synthetic source and pokeberry juice may be just what they are looking for. They may also support in balancing of the thyroid, mainly due to their copper content. They may also provide amazing support for brain processes, such as cognition, memory, and concentration. It is high in manganese, which may help to support strong bones. It has been used since long ago for vision, cardiovascular, immunity, and inflammatory support. Lastly, this juice contains many variations of the B vitamins, which are not only depleted with infections, but also may be ideal to supplement when they are low, or an infection is suspected.

We offer this hand-squeezed juice, as well as every other part of the poke plant, including its root, which can be found by “Clicking Here“.

Known Pokeberry Benefits:

  • Biologically Active
  • Anti-Tumor Capabilities
  • Viral Replication Proteins
  • Anti-Fungal Proteins
  • Anemia Support
  • Cellular Oxygenation
  • Solar Absorption
  • Powerful Antioxidants
  • Free Radical-Fighting
  • Dense In Vitamin & Minerals
  • Contains Multiple B Vitamin Variations
  • Dense In Copper
  • Dense In Iron
  • Cognition, Memory, & Concentration
  • Vitamin & Mineral Assimilation
  • Nervous System Support
  • Bone Strengthening Support
  • Brain Support
  • Thyroid Support
  • Skin Support
  • Vision Support
  • Cardiovascular Support
  • Immunity Support
  • Inflammatory Support








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