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“A Berry A Day May Keep Viruses At Bay”!



We seem to be guided to plants that were meant to be brought to you, as they should become common knowledge. This dense, rich, red liquid has been used since long ago. An old saying goes, “A berry a day may keep viruses at bay”! We are told that invasive plants may be invading for a reason! They may have centuries worth of a resistant built up, which may be solely focused on pathogens of that particular area. Poke weed is one of the top invasive of the entire country, at this time. As a matter of fact, it is sometimes called “a weed on steroids”, due to its massive, rapid growth.

Pokeweed has long been respected for medicinal value. It is currently being researched and we urge you to do your own research on its properties and benefits, as well as cautions.

The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center uses poke berry in its world-famous “Hoxsey Formula”. They touch base on the following aspects and you can read for yourself by Clicking Here, to be redirected to their findings: 

  • Chemicals found in poke berry juice and its use in treating tumors in laboratory mice.
  • Testing to determine if it can protect cells from HIV and AIDS.
  • Biological activity in laboratory experiments.
  • Antiviral protein (PAP) may be capabilities inhibiting the replication of viruses.
  • The anti-fungal protein (PAFP) effects on fungi.
  • To read more about this and what they say on their website, Click Here.

We wildcraft the berries in full season when they are plump and ripe. The price reflects not on the rarity, but also the labor it takes to offer this juice in amounts large enough to sell. Each berry contains 10 seeds, therefore it takes lbs. upon lbs. of squeezing berries to obtain an ounce of juice. In the above information, it mentions that it may have biological activity. With time and age, poke berry juice actually may ferment to form a natural vinegar! For this reason, we recommend keeping it refrigerated to avoid any type of spoilage.

While you hear that this plant maybe toxic, that just is not always the case. It is a plant to be respected and used with common sense. To understand the toxic compound processes is to avoid any toxicity and it may be best to purchase a prepared solution, rather than do it yourself.  The poke weed plant becomes red in color as fall sets in and this is the toxic compound being sent up the stalk to the seed. The seed itself, which each berry contains 10, is toxic, as well as any plant material that has the red color, like the stalk and leaves. Yet the juice and skin of the berry are not toxic and those are the parts used here. We delicately strain everything out of the juice. 

Only 1-3 drops a day are recommended! Therefore, a small bottle is enough to last you a very long time! For convenience, this juice comes in dropper bottles. This was used in ancient times as ink, paint, and dye, therefore, please be cautious of using it so that you do not stain anything.

Bottle Sizes & Approximately How Many Drops They May Provide:

  • 1 oz. Bottle – 600 Drops
  • 1.2 oz. Bottle – 300 Drops
  • 10 ml. Bottle – 200 Drops
  • 5 ml. Bottle – 100 Drops
  • 2 ml. Bottle – 35 Drops

While researching, you will find many benefits and cautions, as well as many websites touching base on the magical protective properties of this berry, especially for protection from black magic. In the olden days, poke berry juice was smeared over the doorways to keep negative energies and entities at bay. In no way do we condone the use of magic at all! In fact, the Bible tells us not to use magic. Regardless, we may have to find solutions for PROTECTION, as we see the secretive use of it by those in power today. Just keep these aspects in mind as you go along in your research. It may offer amazing protection in place of, or in conjunction with sage!

The root of the poke weed plant is may also be one of the most powerful lymphatic herbs you may find. We offer many versions of the Poke weed plant Click Here. We offer a colloidal vitamin c that we call Cherry/Berry C and it contains freshly-squeezed poke berry juice as well as other wild crafted plants, like freeze-dried acerola cherry, honeysuckle flowers and camu camu! To be redirected to it, Click Here!

There is an array of animals that eat this plump berry until the very last one is gone for the winter. To read more about animals that can be attracted to your property by allowing poke weed to grow naturally, Click Here

This liquid poke berry solution makes for a great ready to use ink, or even paint! The color will turn out a brilliant magenta color. It is said to be what the Declaration of Independence may have originally be written in.

Always use herbals wisely and with common sense!

Happy Cleansing!

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