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Support For: Lyme, Neuro Issues, Cognition, & Vagus Nerve

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Lion’s Mane Discussion:

We purchase a high-quality, wildcrafted Lion’s Mane Mushroom, which is a revered, medicinal mushroom. It is said that they are a vegan substitute for lobster and shrimp. The method of heating them is what makes them bioavailable. They are a medicinal superfood for the brain, as they support neural, cognitive decline.

We make an amazing tincture of Lion’s Mane. Taking this mushroom everyday may improve neural connectivity in the brain and help reduce inflammation.  Lion’s mane has strong antioxidant properties. Two isolated compounds in lion’s mane, hericenones and erinacines, are said to promote the growth of neurons. It is also believed that the root of this mushroom may help nerve growth. This regenerative process may take several months to show results. 
Many use it to support cognition,  depression, and anxiety.  Its polysaccharides may also protect cells from damage by reducing Lipofuscin, which is a waste product from metabolism and aging.
Gut issues, including leaky gut, may show improvement with regular medicinal doses of lion’s mane. it may enhance the functions of the vagus nerve, which is responsible for our rest. It is during the resting periods that our body goes into its digestive state, allowing our bodies to detoxify properly. The vagus nerve is a collection of 12 cranial nerves that spread out throughout the body communicating with vital organs and functions. A healthy vagus nerve may result and support a healthy body.
This may also be a nice addition to your regimen of virus prevention, Lyme, coinfections, and immunity support. It comes highly suggested by Dr. Stephen Buhner, world-renown Lyme herbalist.
Lion’s Mane May Support: 
  • Immune System Booster
  • Adaptogen
  • Immunity Modulation
  • Neuro-Protective
  • Prevention From Chronic Disease
  • Connects Neural Pathways
  • Protection of the Vagus Nerve
  • Liver Protective
  • Anti-viral
  • Antibacterial
  • Managing of Diabetes
  • Gut Health
  • Circulation
  • Brain Inflammation Reduction
  • Antioxidant
  • Reduction of Anxiety & Depression
  • Improved Memory
  • Anti-Cancer Effects
  • Reduction of Lipofuscins

Product Variations:

Tinctures Herbal compounds extracted in an alcohol base. Tinctures offer the most superior absorption capabilities. We recommend to allow your dose to sit under the tongue for a minute or two, then swallowing it down with a drink of water. The microscopic, pre-extracted compounds are readily available to be absorbed through the tissue, into the bloodstream, then circulating to the organs.

Lipospheric Tinctures Standard tinctures that are put through an energetic process, which collides the herbal compounds, encasing them in oxygenated bubbles. This method is an oxygenation process, which changes the color of the solution. The lipospheres’ are commonly referred to as nano-particles, which surpasses the bioavailability of a standard tincture.

Capsules Size 00, vegetarian capsules, handmade, to order. We feel that the combination of a tincture, and capsules, of the same herb, or blend, may offer a saturation that cannot be surpassed otherwise. The duo is highly recommended for those that really want to see what an herb may do for them!

Herbal TeaEach teabag can be brewed up to three times, resulting in three cups of tea, each. Generally, this means that you may get 60-75 cups of tea per 6 oz. order! Each label specifies the brewing instructions, which highly depends on the parts used in the tea.

GlyceritesHerbal compounds extracted in vegetable glycerin. This may be ideal for those most sensitive and for children.

Loose Herbal PowdersWe keep an inventory of herbs in their whole-form. They are powdered down, to order. This ensures abundant, and present, compounds as well as superior freshness. Many of our herbs are wildcrafted, which is the most medicinal form one can attain, in our opinion.

All variations are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage. Wherever possible, we always choose unprocessed, ethically wildcrafted plant material. “Full-spectrum” means that the product contains every part of the plant, including the roots, and wherever we can, we even add the seed, flower, and/or fruit!

We have had our products energetically tested by a practitioner, using the Zygo scanning system. The results were that our products tested 360% more energetic than any others! Over the years customers have continued to energetically test our products with their own body and they have passed every test they have ever been put through.

Always use herbals wisely and with common sense!

Happy Cleansing!

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