UV Light Bath™


UV Light Bath

Enhancing the Vitamin, Chlorophyll, & Nutritive Content of Your Herbal Products

Ideal For Mushrooms!


 This may be ideal for the tinctures and glycerites containing medicinal mushrooms, sea kelps, and anything that may be high in chlorophyll, or even vitamins and nutrients for that matter. It can also be done to dry herbs as well, including powders but the astounding results have shown to be by giving liquid extracts a light bath. By doing so, studies have shown that the vitamin D and chlorophyll content may be enhanced, by an astounding amount. There are many factors that determine the exact conversion that vary so extensively, there is no way to tell you exactly how much of a boost that it will actually get. There will be no specifications special to this process on your product labels. We will simply sit it under the light before shipping it to you.

We will place your product, individually, under a UV light for 3 hours each. Many others are seeking out the benefits of vitamin D currently, to assist with detoxing a substance known as graphene. Therefore, if you are also wanting this type of support, this process may be ideal! 

Choose the number of products that you want bathed in the UV light. If is more than one product and you only want specific ones bathed, and not all of them, simply leave us a note while completing your order, specifying which ones to apply the UV light to.

To get a better understanding and to read more about this process, skip on over to our blogMedicinal Mushrooms Game Changer – Boosting Vitamin D to read about this process in more detail.


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