Cleansing Solutions™

We became pioneers of detoxing, as we were one of the firsts to get ill at a time most remedies were not known of or the ones available weren’t what we were looking for. Therefore we researched night and day for nearly two years to come up with our own. We created a synergistic, core cleanse, consisting of multiple mixes, each with a different purpose.

Many of the collaborated herbs were commonly suggested by Dr. Stephen Buhner. We intended to make all of the mixes Lyme supportive as well because it was something that we, and many others at that time, believed affected us. These are some of the highest respected and most costly herbs that exist and they target modern issues. We wildcraft as many as possible ourselves, which wasn’t intentional to set us apart as it does, we simply realized that many were unavailable on the market and others grew all around us. This now allows us to offer a rare quality that most cannot attain.

Our cleanse became so popular, so fast, that other companies scrambled out of the woodworks to copy what we do. Many existing businesses even reformulated their existing products as well. It is very humbling to know that all may have started right here. My experience and research have allowed me to create products that are superior and impossible to be beaten!

We suggest combining a cleanse with more than one of the following methods of administrations: tincture, tea, capsules, and/or navel soaking. You may find that wellness may be reached more effectively by saturating your body with magical herbal compounds. Powders become processed during digestion, whereas the tinctures get absorbed into the blood through sublingual absorption. The belly button is a passageway to many other parts of the body. 

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Showing all 9 results