Child/Animal Cleanse

For the “Babes” (Under 55 lbs.)

Discounted “Add-On” Tincture Option



Now that we understand the importance of cleansing, it is imperative to also consider cleansing our children as well. When it comes to the babes, we all want the best, yet the gentlest, most effective, and natural cleanse available. With close contact between an immediate household, cleansing every member of the household, including pets, is best.

There may be a link to exhibiting common behavioral problems with parasites and the intestinal mucus. I, myself, manifested autistic symptoms while compacted with matter. I lost my ability to speak, developed severe anxiety, and went through extreme mood and emotional swings.

Animals that have used this cleanse have also expelled mucus encasings! The first time I gave my own daughter a cleanse, at 2 yrs old, she also expelled strands of mucus from her tiny body, all at once, from diaper to floor! Why did we ever entertain the thought that our animals can get parasites, yet we cannot? Because we were never taught any better!

I am here to save you the parental guilt that I experienced when I treated myself at first, only to realize my child was also affected.

The tables have turned and we are now seeing a similar affliction of humans and animals. There are so many ways to possibly pick up parasites & their eggs, including, but not limited to: playgrounds, pools, swimming in a body of water, living spaces of animals, such as barns, kennels, stalls, gardens, bugs, and contaminated food and water. I would recommend rotational intestinal and parasitic cleansing for anyone and everyone, especially for those who never have done so!

The method of operation of a parasite is to feed off of us while remaining unsuspected. Most are simply microscopic.

This is a two-part cleanse consisting of both intestinal & parasitic mixes. Both with the same intentions as the adult cleanse, just in more compassionate doses. Again, I encourage you to make this cleanse your own by doing it in a way that fits your child’s needs and schedule. You can take it in constant rotation, with or without, a day off in between.

I believe staying consistent is more effective than aggression. It may be best to cleanse at a tapering pace for up to six months, just like the adult cleanse. To avoid reinfection, a cleanse like this may be best once a year. It is recommended to take a look at what is expelled for the first week.

This cleanse is for small children between the age of 2 and weighing 50 lb., which is the average weight of a 6-7 yr. old child. Keep in mind, animals may only get a sprinkle, so more than likely a pet can be supplied too with what you obtain for your child. Otherwise, a single cleanse is more than enough for multiple pets. It comes in smaller 4 oz. portions, powders, or the elixir, which is more than enough for multiple kids and animals!

The herbs are very bitter, and young children may not be as cooperative as an animal! I offer the parasitic portion as a tincture, capsules, or as a powder, alongside the powdered intestinal cleanse.

You have the option to obtain a discounted tincture with the purchase of this cleanse. This may ensure overall synergized coverage by both methods of administration. The “intestinal mix” is only available as a powder, and you can mix it into foods like pudding, applesauce, or yogurt. A calendar also comes with this cleanse for you to use as a guide. You may add the Impurit~Ease and/or Pro/Pre~Ease mixes of the adult cleanse to your child’s regimen at the appropriate doses! They too are child-safe if used accordingly! For the olde children, you may consider our Dis~Ease Solutions® Herbal Cleanse!

Additional information

Weight13 oz
Dimensions6 × 4 × 6 in

Intestinal Mix Only, Parasitic Mix Only, 2-Part Cleanse (Both Mixes)


Powdered, Liquid, Encapsulated

Tincture #3 Option

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Intest~Ease for Babe~Ease Intestinal Sweep Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: Psyllium husk, Marshmallow root, Slippery elm bark, Astragalus root, Ashwagandha root, Ginger root, Fulvic acid.

Babe~Ease Parasitic Blend Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: Mulberry root bark, Mimosa pudica bark, Premature green hulls of the black walnut, Ajwain seed, Neem leaf, Clove bud, Green cardamom pods, Anise seed, Olive leaf extract, Chinese Baikal skullcap root, Fenugreek seed, Natural mineral rock salt, Black peppercorn, Fulvic acid.


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