Introducing herbosomes, which are standard liposomes, complimented with therapeutic-grade essential oils! They can all be found in the signature herbal blend categories. We found it important to put them into their own category, making it easier for you to find them.

The variation, which we call “Herbosomal”, contain both herbal, oxygen, and essential oil molecules! The “Lipospheric” variation is the only option that is put through this process.

These products exhibit the highest bioavailability and systemic delivery! They are capable of penetrating the cells and the blood/brain barrier.

It doesn’t matter what product you choose, as your tincture, herbosomal tincture, glycerite, herbal tea, loose powder, and even the capsules contain added essential oils. 

We were the first to make and offer collided essential oils and herbs as well! We are modernizing method of detox itself!

We will be working on adding more and more blends, as time passes. Be sure to check back in regularly to see what’s new!

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