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 Fungal~Ease Discussion: 

There are many types, species, and even super strength fungus that may thrive in the body. In my opinion, they are just beginning to scratch the surface of what communicative capabilities that may be possible to lurk inside of us! Anti-fungal herbs have been used in Chinese medicine, since ancient times. They have extensive knowledge and understanding of herbs that exhibit properties that are useful against algae and water-derived molds, which they utilize in their wastewater processes. They are known to use herbs in water sanitation!

Many believe that the most useful way to approach fighting fungus is to first crack the cell wall, then going in after the inner nucleus, which is the protein core. It is said that using multiple compounds, rather than a single compound, may inhibit any possible resistance factor to be built. Each plant contains hundreds of compounds, which is harder for pathogens to build a resistance to, rather than a single one, like medications. These are stealthy, intelligent, and conscious pathogens that we may be dealing with and they may require the strongest weapons that we can find to add to our arsenals. 

Product Information: 

We offer unprocessed, ethically wildcrafted plant material. A passes, it seems that more and more chemicals are being allowed to be categorized as organic, therefore, I consider wildcrafted to be superior. When possible, we use wildcrafted material in tinctures, colloidal tinctures, and glycerites, whereas our teas and capsules are mostly made with responsibly purchased herb. Not all tinctures and glycerites contain wildcrafted material, therefore, we will specify which parts of the plant are used in each product throughout this website. 

If a product says that it is “full-spectrum”, it means that it contains every part of the plant, including the root, and sometimes the fruit portion of the plant. When possible, I add fresh plant material into the tinctured powders, which preserves and offers enzymatic processes that are not available in dry herb. Normally these enzymes are lost in the drying process and as far as we know, we are unique to that tincturing method. Many companies don’t even know how to do it properly! That too will be specified under each individual herb.

As we have explained, elsewhere on this website, we believe it is key to choose multiple methods of administration to reach a maximum saturation! This simply means that it may be more beneficial to take your herb, or blend, in two different forms, whether it is tinctured, powdered, or as a tea. This allows your body to receive herbal compounds in more than one route. Our utmost recommendation would be to take a tincture, alongside capsules, no matter if the same herb or different ones, saturating your body from separate routes. 

Methods Of Administrations Available:

Standard Tinctures – Standard wildcrafted, unprocessed herb extracted in alcohol, taken under the. This method may offer superior absorption compared to the rest. When taken under the tongue, the alcohol pulls it into the bloodstream sublingually. 

Colloidal Tinctures – Also called liposomal, means it has been energetically collided by a sonification method, which may enhance the absorption even more so than standard tinctures, due to the smaller sized molecules that are created. These are made using the standard tinctures, which means most likely, they will be made with unprocessed, wildcrafted herb.

Glycerites – Unprocessed, wildcrafted plant material extracted and infused in vegetable glycerin. This is an option for those most sensitive and excellent for children. Glycerites have a slower absorption rate than alcohol.

Capsules – Vegetarian-safe, size 00 capsules, and each order, no matter the herb, contains 100 capsules. 

Herbal Tea – Teas are offered in 6 oz. portions, unless otherwise specified. Due to the limited stock of wildcrafted herb, the teas are mostly responsibly purchased herb. If we only carry that herb as wildcrafted, it will be specified plant to plant. Each teabag can be brewed three times, resulting in each bag making three cups of tea each. Generally, this equates to approximately 20-25 bags of tea in a 6 oz. portion. This means that you may brew 60-75 cups of tea per order! You will still receive medicinal benefits from the third brew. How many times you can brew each bag depends on the part of the plant that is used as a tea. Flowers only get steeped, leaf and stem only need a simmering boil, whereas root requires a hard boil to extract compounds. Each label specifies how to brew your tea, how many times you should brew each bag, and how long you should steep or boil the bags. 

The goal is to tag what each herb supports, which can be found under the herb title on this website. These tags will pop up in a search when you search for the specific reason that you are seeking assistance with. With the extensive stock that we carry, this will take time to accomplish, so please bear with us as we work on the website, over time. 

These are some of the most omnipotent, exquisite tinctures that exist! Their strength has been maintained, while the most fragile compounds are preserved and still present. My products have been continually tested by customers and by experienced and qualified energy practitioners countless times over the years. They have all passed every test they have ever been put through and have surpassed the rest! 

Always start low and work up the dose you desire. If you are sensitive, you may want to work with drops, rather than droppers. working up and pushing yourself over time. Best results may come with consistent use, as the herbal compounds may accumulate over time. I use a 45% alcohol and tinctures are made by a 1:1 ratio, unless otherwise specified.

Tinctures contain compounds that are already extracted, just like plants take them up in nature! In the digestion process, many say that we only receive about 10% of the compounds and the rest may be destroyed and lost. Tinctures allow us to bypass digestion and get the maximum compounds and benefits. You can use tinctures as an additive to personal products, like shampoo, lotions, detox baths, directly on the skin, and even as belly button soaks and in your nebulizing machines!

We use a 325 MHz. quartz crystal, straight from the mines in Brazil to steep in most tinctures. The magic of these stones may synergize with the healing properties of the existing compounds, which may cause a transformational, vibrational, and amplifying frequency, or energy, within your body! Crystal energy may assist in the rebalancing of your spiritual & emotional levels.

Happy Cleansing!

Take all products at your own risk! We do not recommend herbs during pregnancy. This website, descriptions of our products are not intended to provide any professional or medical advice, nor medical claim. It is for educational purposes only. We are not medical providers! Always do your own research to know your products before use! Always use herbals wisely and with common sense!

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Proprietary Ingredients: WC-Wildcrafted: Alcohol, WC Thuja (aerial parts + berry), WC Indian heliotrope (full-spectrum), Grapefruit seed extract, Cabbage leaf, Brussel sprout, Gymnema sylvestre leaf, Nutmeg, Sandalwood bark, WC Ailanthus (aerial parts), Pau D’arco bark, Goldenseal root, Rhubarb root, WC Wild garlic onion (full-spectrum), Graviola bark, WC Pine needle, WC Chaparro amargosa (aerial parts), WC Desert willow (full-spectrum), Ashwagandha root, Astragalus root, Phellodendron bark.


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