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World’s First Multi-Herb Blend Containing Mimosa Pudica!

Multiple herbs for multiple pathogens! Mimosa alone only has limited capabilities!

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The first multiple-herb blend with mimosa pudica being the main ingredient. Meaning, multiple herbs for multiple pathogens because alone, mimosa has limited capabilities, although, in a blend, the sky is the limit! It’s so popular, other companies have attempted to replicate it! When I created this cleanse, there were no other cleanses with multiple mixes, nor containing the herb mimosa pudica, rather only pure, concentrated extracts. Since creating it, they have all come out of the woodwork to imitate my blends!

The statement, “We all may have parasites”, maybe a huge understatement! So much has come to light that some illnesses may be in relation to parasites. We can pick them up in many ways, including contact with insects, food, water, sex, the air we breathe, household pets, animals in general, and through the skin. They may be root to an indication of a compromised immune system. Many mistakenly consider themselves done with cleansing when they should not. There may be mucus present, which possibly also means parasites may still reside, hidden.

This is a mix of compounds and different plants that may work synergistically, which may be much more effective than fighting with only a single herb. Staying consistent may be more beneficial than aggressively fighting, as pathogens may encyst with the detection of your persistence. Not to mention the constant egg-laying. The reinfection factor may be huge!

This blend comes in all three methods of administration: as a powder, encapsulated, or in tincture form. Results so far have shown that the combination of a powder and tincture may be better than one or the other. The powder may go to the gut, while the tincture may absorb into the bloodstream. The combination cannot be surpassed! There are also some of the most popular herbs used by others in the fight against modern conditions!

The special wildcrafted herbs in this mix are Sida acuta, Queen Anne’s lace, and premature Green hulls of the black walnut!

Top 5 Possible Benefits of a Parasitic Blend Like This:

  • May Lower Pathogenic Loads, Including Egg Volumes
  • May Lower Toxicity
  • Utilizing a Complex, Rather Than a Single Herb
  • Lowering the Infectious Possibilities
  • May Help with Skin Issues Involving Pathogens

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 7 in

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Parasite~Ease Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of: (WC-Wildcrafted): Alcohol, Mimosa pudica bark, WC Sida acuta (full-spectrum), Wormwood leaf, Mugwort leaf, Ajwain seed, Motherwort (aerial parts), Andrographis leaf, Neem leaf, Omphalia mushroom, Green cardamom pods, WC Premature green hulls of the black walnut, Star anise pods, Clove bud, Sea buckthorn bark, WC Queen Anne’s lace (full-spectrum), Astragalus root, Ashwagandha root, Ferula resin, Anise seed, WC Rhynchophylla cat’s claw (vine + hooks), Black pepper, Celtic salt, Fulvic acid.


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