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Animal Products

My animal products require strong, yet gentle ingredients that are animal-safe. Essential oil products that are considered to be safe for most animals, at the appropriate dilution. This includes dogs, horses, yet felines need extreme caution but with care, you can safely use this blend.

There are benefits that essential oils have to offer topically; for example, it may make their coat look and smell amazing. Your canine or equine buddy may be transformed by these products to look, and act as if they were in a ring at a show.

Animals may carry, attract, and maybe, or are, infected or infested with organisms. This includes mites, fleas, insects, parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microscopic pathogens. They can carry them into our homes, possibly leaving an infectious trail behind them, all the way to our beds!

Many children may become infected from the family pet, or the whole family may for that matter.

Protect and restore your animal’s skin and health, just as you would yourself. Over the years we have taken notice at how similar the body of an animal works, and reacts, similar to our own!

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Showing all 5 results