Animal Solutions™

Cleansing our animals, inside and out, is required not only for optimal health but also for defending your own reinfestation possibilities. These are strong, yet gentle ingredients that are animal-safe if used appropriately. Essential oil products are considered safe for most animals, diluted. This includes dogs and horses, yet felines require caution.

There are benefits that topical essential oil application has to offer. For example, it may make their coat look and smell amazing. Your buddy may be transformed by these products to look, and act as if they were in a ring or at a show. 

Animals may carry, attract, or maybe infected, or infested, with pathogenic organisms. This includes mites, fleas, insects, parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other microscopic pathogens. They may carry them into our homes, leaving an infectious trail behind them. We have seen many types of animals releasing the intestinal biofilm mucus as well.

Protect and detox your animal, just as you would yourself. After all, you share the same personal spaces and love them as if they are your children. 

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Showing all 5 results