D.M.S.O. + Aloe + Essential Oil

Gel, Spray, OR Roll-On

Topical Relief by Deep Skin Penetration

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We, here at Dis~Ease Solutions®, have been on a mission to help sufferers of all types of topical issues, including and especially, unsightly and untreatable skin growths. Another challenging issue has been to find solutions for topical pain. Many instantly self-diagnosed themselves with a condition called Morgellons, although there may be much more at pay.  We must peel back the layers of the onion.

These infections are challenging because when the body becomes overloaded with pathogens, the infestation may be traced all the way in, to the gut. Skin is a well-known detox site. These infections can be unsightly, hard to hide, embarrassing, and quite frankly affect self-esteem. Emotions affect every aspect of your life, especially your self, and social, complex.

Our new DMSO product is intended to penetrate the skin on a level much deeper than most remedies are even capable of reaching. This gel may help to tame some of the more chronic skin issues and soothe topical inflammatory processes that we witness on a daily basis. This balm is a combination of pure, hand-processed aloe vera gel, high-quality essential oils, and therapeutic-grade DMSO.

The essential oil scent that you choose determines your intentions for this product. Some are looking for pain relief, others are looking for growth removal, and we promise that this will exceed your expectations. The universal dilution we use is 40% DMSO, 40% aloe vera gel, and 20% pure essential oil, of the highest quality you will find.

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is commonly used by many as a carrier, which may pul other compounds deeper than they are capable of on their own. With research, it has been found to be a potent anti-inflammatory itself as well. Aloe is a succulent desert plant that is highly and widely used as an anti-inflammatory for the skin. It’s an intense medicinal plant that contains massive antioxidants and enzymes.  It itself may help with everything from minor skin ailments to skin hydration. It may also be ideal protection for radiation from EMF waves as well.

Add this balm to specific areas, like the bottoms of the feet, sites of pain, or inflammation, and it can even be used to soak in the navel. The ways this gel can be used are basically limitless. All three ingredients can be easily absorbed transdermally. If you wish to have an unscented balm, please indicate so by leaving a note, while completing your order.
Our highest recommended scent, for anyone & everyone to try, would be the Parasite~Ease!
DMS~alOe May Support:
  • Intense Skin Penetration
  • Condition Called Morgellons
  • Skin Radiation and EMF Protective
  • Anti-Fungal (Including Ringworm / MRSA)
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Eczema (Atopic Dermatitis)
  • Most Types of Skin Pathogens
  • Inflammation of the Skin
  • Sports Injuries
  • Aches & Pains of Joints
  • Antioxidants
  • Skin Protection
  • Softening Skin
  • Anti-aging Treatment and Protection
  • Sun Burned/Damaged Skin
  • Minor Burns & Wounds
  • Healing Time Reduction
  • Skin Hydration
  • Skin Moisture Content
  • Topical Acne
  • Collagen Production
  • Skin Radiation Protection

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DMS~alOe™ Ingredients;

Each different blend has different ingredients. See that scent’s essential oil blend to see which essential oils are in them. By searching the name of the scent, you will be directed to that pure essential oil, as every scent is also offered in its pure form. This set of ingredients is only for the Parasite~Ease blend. 

Words in RED are the base ingredients of this product. The ingredients that change are the essential oils (in black).

Parasite~Ease Proprietary Ingredients: Aloe vera, Clove, Star Anise, Fennel, Black Pepper, Neem, Black Seed, Cardamom, Wormwood, D.M.S.O. (Dimethyl sulfoxide).



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