Collagen Mist

Collagen Peptides / Essential Oils / Enzymes

Rejuvinate, Renew, & Restore Skin From the Outside-In

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A spray that will drench your skin with collagen and other components for maximum strength, helping your skin layer to rebuild and be protected. When collagen of the skin is restored and supported, the results are normally intense. Our skin is made of collagen and by using a topical spray, again, you are bypassing digestion to get collagen compounds and proteins directly to the targeted area. We highly recommend this spray for a wide range of skin issues, from beauty support to unsightly and hard to heal lesions of the condition called Morgellons.

This collagen spray is saturated with the compounds that our body uses to create collagen. We achieve this by taking advantage of the enzymatic abilities to break down herbal substances, only to put them back together as they are needed by the body to rebuild collagen fibrils. It is enhanced with collagen peptides, enzymes, vitamin A, C, E, and essential oil scent. It is a full-body hydrating mist. It contains components that may reactivate your dermis layer moisture as your skin praises you.

As pretty as it sounds, don’t underestimate the “weapon” abilities of this spray! Many suffer from lesions, acne, and blemishes that have reported that this blend supported the mending of their skin pretty much overnight!

The appropriate oil blend may create more of a “bomb” for mites and parasites, after all, they can enter through the skin. By surrounding yourself in a natural armor, you may avoid further infestations. Other signature blends will make it anti-parasitic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, citrusy, or floral, as it all depends on your needs. It stays idle in the skin layer, creating a barrier similar to armor that consistently works all day to protect the skin.

There are many uses for a facial spritz, from finishing off the nightly wash to spritzing the face in the middle of the day for added protection, hydration, a boost of energy, awakening motivation, or possibly continuing to work on the skin while you go about your activities. To be sprayed anywhere on the body where you feel you need collagen support. Most others sell separate products, although I offer both hyaluronic acid and collagen in a single spray.

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Signature Scents

Bacterial Solutions™, Beaut~Ease™, Biofilm Solutions™, CitriMint™, Citrus Dew™, Divine Dimensions™, Drowsy~Ease™, Emergence~Ease™, Essential Pain Solutions™, Essential Tears™, Feminine Solutions™, Fiber~Ease™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Heavenly Blossoms™, Insect~Ease™, Itchy/Scratch~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, Microcirculatory~Ease™, Mite~Ease™, Morgellons Solutions™, Parasite~Ease™, Pineal Solutions™, Rose Petal, Rustic Nutmeg™, Viral~Ease™

CollaDew™ Ingredients:

This product comes with a scented option. Each scent consists of different essential oils. Each signature scent is also available as pure essential oil. Therefore, if you want to know exactly which oils are in every scent, simply do a search for that oil to see what is in it. Here are the base ingredients of CollaDew.

Proprietary Ingredients: Distilled water, Cocoa butter, Sunflower oil, Alcohol, Beeswax, Alcohol, 25% Acerola extract, Thuja leaf, Calcium carbonate, Japanese knotweed (full-spectrum) (Resveratrol), Turmeric root, Phellodendron bark, Catnip leaf, Skullcap root, Queen Anne’s lace (aerial parts + seed, White cedar (inner/outer bark/needles), Collagen peptides, Hyaluronic acid, Inositol, Reverse osmosis seawater (Ionic vitamins & minerals), Magnesium, NAC, Ascorbic acid, Serrapeptase enzyme, Methylfolate, Black pepper, Zinc, Biotin, Edetic acid, Fulvic acid, Essential oil fragrance.


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