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Carpet~Ease Discussion:

Don’t let the name of this product limit its uses! It is a weekly powder to sprinkle over your carpeted floors, rugs, tapestries, and it can even be used on your linens. It contains “killing’ compounds that most pathogens cannot avoid. it is made with natural compounds, yet it is powerful, to assist you in the cleansing of your home and personal spaces, including where you sleep. It can be used to freshen many items in the household. This product allows you to do something without the use of harsh chemicals. You may even add this powder to warm water to make your own D.I.Y. spray.

To control dust and clean the home is only a part of the solution. It is the aspects that you cannot see, like dust mites, that determine the dangers and cleanliness of the home. Many claim to suffer from mites and these pathogens will live anywhere that allows them to get close to you, as they prefer to feed off of your dead skin cells.

Others constantly seek solutions for mold and fungus in the home. While there may be no solutions for embedded mold, there may be help for free-floating spores to disable them before they root and take hold of your home. The use of essential oils have consistently been studied for their effects on pathogens, such as mold spores, mites, and even parasitic eggs! 

While this may make a tool in your arsenal, there are many factors that are at play when it comes to eradication, of any pathogen in the home. Some other methods and items that may help keep your home as free and clear of dust, mold, and pathogens are: dust covers, washing sheets and linens in hot water weekly, placing linens in the freezer for a few hours, keeping nick knacks and household items dusted and wiped with a wet cloth, including your plants, bathing pets regularly, keeping your pets out of the bed areas, cleaning ceilings, walls, and fixtures regularly, sanitizing beneath furniture often, maintaining baseboards in the home, and properly cleaning and storing hair brushes and even the tools that you use to clean your home with.

Enzymes are known for sitting idle on a surface, to break down matter. We use different types of enzymes to dissolve different types of matter.  They are commonly used for their effectiveness and benefits, which include the environment! These enzymes are designed to break down plant matter like fungal spores. They also contain those that specialize in proteins, which is what many pathogens outer coat is made up of. They neutralize pet and other smells, leaving you with a clean-smelling home!

We are known for not playing around when it comes to our essential oil scents, as we add generous and effective portions in our products. The scent you choose determines the use. Some scents are simply used for the aroma that leave your home smelling amazing. Once you use a vacuum cleaner to suck this powder up, it may sit in the vacuum itself, to last several weeks and freshen each and every time you do the floors. The names are meant to be self-explanatory as possible. You may want Fungal~Ease if you suspect mold to be present in the home! Our Parasite~Ease is consistently used for parasite support and even the home can be an infection source, especially the carpets! For those that want a tranquil scented home, yet an effective product, Peaceful Tranquility, our new scent may do the job! For those that like floral scents, there are options like Heavenly Blossoms and Beaut~Ease. Obviously our Mite~Ease may offer added mite support for the home. There are so many scents, and the benefits you may get from them all, we could literally write a book on them!

We actually listed a cleaning cloth for the home on this website. We call it Fiber~Ease, due to is amazing ability to act like a magnet to attract and hold fibers and other dust particles. We recommend getting a few of those as well! 



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