Fiber~Ease™ Cloth


High-Quality Cleaning Cloth

Magnetizes/Retains Lint/Dust/Fibers MilitaryGrade

Lowering Fiber Loads Within the Home

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Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Discussion: 

We have a solution for those who feel their home is being taken over by fibers! I have used many cleaning cloths and this one has impressed me the most! Even though we have microfiber technology today, it is still hard to find one that doesn’t leave its own fibers behind. We have found this one to pick up like no other, while holding onto the matter, leaving nothing behind!

You can wash and dry them for reuse! I use them frequently myself.

12 x 12 inches

LintFree / StreakFree / ScratchFree / SmudgeFree

Attracts, Holds, & Lifts Dirt, Dust, Fibers, & Grease

StainFree / DyeFree / ChemicalFree

Soft, Gentle, & FragranceFree

Cleans All Delicate Surfaces Safely

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1 Cloth, 3-Pack, 6-Pack


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