Affiliate Registration

My business has always been a collaborative effort. Therefore, I am excited to launch my affiliate program!

Anyone can sign up to earn a commission. Together, we can offer effective solutions to friends, followers, and clients. It can even be used by administrators of social media groups. Some affiliate so that they can create a fund to purchase products for their members that simply cannot afford it, as I do! This is an opportunity for us to take control of our own health, and to help one another in the process.

I start affiliates at a 15% commission rate, moving up with an increase in sales. This is where the collection of feathers will earn you special badges that will automatically credit your account as you complete tasks. For example, you earn a badge after you have sold $1000 that will instantly increase your commission rate! It’s a fun aspect that also saves customers money, as they play for their own rewards!

Once you sign up, you will receive your own special affiliate link. With sharing this link, wherever you choose, all purchases will be credited to your account. You must direct them into the site through your link to receive credit for that sale. Your general link will direct others to the Home Page, where they can enter and browse around.

You will be directed to create another username and password to keep your account secure. The tabs found inside that keep an extensive and detailed log of all of your affiliate information.

You will find your personal link inside, where you can simply copy and paste as needed. There is a URL Generator that is a simple tool that you can use to create a link  that takes your customer to a particular product, rather than a general doorway in, to the home page. Either way, you receive credit for any purchases made through your links. It is simple and easy to use the system.

The feather gaming system will be set up very soon. When it is completed, all purchases and sales will be given the proper credit for those prior to it being active. I am working on it and cannot wait to start collecting feathers, crowns, and graduating to higher ranks!

Thank you for considering to help me, help others. 

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