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Individual & Signature Elixirs/Capsules/Teas

This category consists of the herbs in stock, and the many ways they are offered, including my signature blends. Once you find the herb that you want, you can then choose the method of administration. I offer each herb as a tincture, having it energetically collided, as a glycerite, in teabags, or you can choose to have it encapsulated. If you wish to not have the tea bagged and prefer a loose powder, tell me so in the commenting section while completing your order.

As stated in the “Most Popular & What Helped Us” category, we benefitted more by choosing two or more methods of administration, we saturated our body in herbal compounds. Tinctures may reach the areas that are hard for specific herbs to reach through digestion. Saturation is key!

If you are looking for a specific herb and we do not have it, contact us and we will get it if we can! Don’t forget, you can brew each of our tea bags up to three times, making three cups of lovely tea! 

Showing 1–12 of 389 results

Showing 1–12 of 389 results