Detox Lip Salve

Using The Lip Connections As A Detox Tool! 

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Lips play an important role in detox because of being a gateway to the inside of our bodies. Our lips are directly connected to the nervous system, and the inside of the mouth is directly connected to the sublingual glands of the lymph system. Not to mention the tonsils, which are a large mass of lymphatic tissue.

The edges and interior areas of our mouths are places that typically come into contact with problematic chemicals that many modern lip products contain. The status of our lips may tell us clues to many things about the internal state of the body.

This lip salve has resolved chapped lips, remoisturized them, and enhanced the overall moisture content for those that have used it. It, like all my other products as possible, is collagen and wildcrafted cherry petal-infused. It is completely all-natural, with no chemical additives, free of parabens, and preservatives! It is flavored with pure essential oils that offer their own benefits.

It is a unisex salve that can be appreciated by all!

By allowing the essential oils bound to a carrier on the lips may be a direct and constant source for the nasal passage! Imagine using sleep support on your lips when you go to bed to have the added support. The same goes for oils that help you to breathe easier, support the pineal gland, and even lymphatic support, all night long!

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Bacterial Solutions™, Beaut~Ease™, Biofilm Solutions™, CitriMint™, Citrus Dew™, Divine Dimensions™, Drowsy~Ease™, Essential Tears™, Feminine Solutions™, Fiber~Ease™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Heavenly Blossoms™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, Masculine Solutions™, Menthol~Ease™, Mite~Ease™, Parasite~Ease™, Pineal Solutions™, Respiratory~Ease™, Rose Petal, Viral~Ease™



Kiss~Ease™ Ingredients;

This product comes with a scented option. Each scent consists of different essential oils. Each signature scent is also available as pure essential oil. Therefore, if you want to know exactly which oils are in every scent, simply do a search for that oil to see what is in it. Here are the base ingredients of Kiss~Ease.

Proprietary Ingredients Oil: (Sunflower, Hemp, Grapeseed, Jojoba), Beeswax, Vitamin C, Blossoms of: Japanese knotweed, Rose, Peony, Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Cherry, Redbud, Mullein, Arborvitae, Forsythia, Milkweed, Zinnia, Chrysanthemum, Magnolia, Gardenia, Hollyhock, Chamomile, Clematis, Dogwood, Daisy, Goldenrod, Foxglove, Myrtle, Calico bush, Morning glory, Luffa, Marigold, Queen Anne’s lace, Jasmine, Arnica, Collagen peptides, Essential oil fragrance.



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