Enzymatic BiofilmDismantling Lotion

Includes A Restorative Packet To Replenish, Enhance, & Renew Enzyme Activity! 



Many biofilms occur on the skin’s surface as our entire body may be microscopically burdened with organisms and fungus! They instinctively set up shop and encyst in created biofilms for protection. An enzymatic lotion like this may come armed with synergy and enhanced biofilm dismantling abilities!

Every enzyme has a purpose and the ones in this lotion are hand-chosen and intended to stay moist as they use their “lock and key” mechanisms that may slowly dissolve biofilms, even of the skin’s surface! As long as the enzyme microenvironment remains moist, it may continue to work for up to hours or even days after applying them! This gives you a maximum protective armor as you get you attempt to remove mold from living spaces, including those inside your body.

It is also made from a base of my Essential Silk lotion, which contains enzymes as well. Although, the enzyme content is nowhere near that of this serum!

Even though this lotion comes packed full of enzymes, it also comes with what I call a “Restorative Packet”. It contains enzymes for you to occasionally add to the lotion to infuse it with maximum enzymatic activity. You simply add a scoop to a teaspoon of water, allow it to dissolve, pour into your bottle, shake well, and use. You can use as little or as much as you please and you can go worry-free on if the enzymes are still active inside. There is so much contradicting information on the internet these days, especially between enzymatic lotion suppliers. Some say the enzymes remain active for long term use, while others say they do not. I have made enzymatic lotion for over a year now and not one customer has ever given feedback of anything close to that. I tend to listen to the user, rather than biased companies. Regardless, this is not even a factor for you to worry about because I give a “Restorative Enzyme Packet” along with this lotion for you to have a supply for stimulating enzyme activity any time you please!

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