Serrapeptase Enzymes

Pharmaceutical-Grade, Pure Enzymes With Systemic Protein-Dismantling Capabilities

EccentricCoated / No Fillers / Protein-Dissolving

250,000 SPU Per Dose / Approximately 35 Servings Per Jar!



First and foremost, especially at this time, it is of utmost importance to mention that Serrapeptase enzymes may help us, and our immune system, during a viral infection because they dismantle and dissolve the protein coating. A virus is simply a strand of DNA entrapped in proteins. We highly recommend taking 1/2 tsp. three times a day, 45 minutes before bed and increase that dose until you feel some sort of difference.

Serrapeptase was created by Mother Nature herself and I consider it to be one of the “miracles” of my own recovery. It is a part of the saliva of the silkworm, which collapses the cocoon to complete a butterfly’s transformation process. The cocoon is made of silk, which is one of the hardest substances on Earth!

It is a fibrinolytic (fibrin-dismantling) and proteolytic (protein-dismantling) enzyme. This means it may have blood-cleansing and/or digestive capabilities. Fibrin may clump together to form a clot, which can be an innate reaction to stop the bleeding of wounds or the build-up over-time that may form bloodstream blockages. Another source of excess fibrin may be from inflammation causing the dismantling of our tissues, a painful process. Lastly, another factor may be that our body is not making enough of the enzymes that break fibrin down properly as we age.

Fibrin may be involved in the encystment, biofilm, and mucus production processes. This may be the matter pathogens use to create the bubble they protect themselves in when they feel danger is near, which is known as the encystment process. Fibrin may offer the most sturdy supply to create a solid structure to encase themselves in. Scar tissue is made with fibrin and it may simply be our body’s way to patch up damaged tissues.

In order to penetrate this “cage” that they hide out in, we must dismantle this barrier. Some pathogens spin biofilms that are like microscopic spider-like webs. These webs are designed to catch things flowing in our bloodstream for the organism to feed on. They may also create a substance that may easily adhere to vessel walls. This enzyme has been referred to as tiny “pac men” that may go around the bloodstream “eating” dead tissue proteins within reach. 

Protomyxzoa is a newly discovered pathogen that is said to spin microscopic spider webs, made of fibrin in our bloodstream, designed to catch other pathogens and debris for it to feed on. I describe one of my own symptoms as “thickened blood” because every throb of my heart caused a soreness, every minute of the day, for months. As time went by it became more severe, to the point of incapacitating me. Over time I had tried every solution suggested. With moderate and consistent doses of these enzymes, it went away overnight! It is may be a safe alternative to include in your regimen.

These enzymes are child and animal safe, in the appropriate doses. They are vegan-safe and cruelty-free and not taken from the animal directly. They are considered to be “pharmaceutical grade” and spend no time wasted on store shelves, resulting in freshness, quality, and possibly a more intense enzymatic activity! The shelf life is two years. These enzymes are said to be accumulative, as over time you can taper down and take less as maintenance.

Know your remedies before you take them. Many companies out there highly dilute their enzymes, unlike us. You can simply do a search on what is in them, including “other ingredients” listed. Terms to look for may be, but not limited to: rice bran or other rice products, cellulose powders, and more.

Not only do we offer 1 oz. of powder, a 4 oz. oral, sublingual spray, and a 4 oz. colloidal liposomal solution with a delicious mulberry flavor. Enzymes may have liposomal capabilities! We energetically charge them to become more stable, more complete, highly and widely distributed, active longer, with substantial bioavailability! This process may create tiny bubbles that encapsulate the enzyme, possibly making it more absorbable.

Caution should be taken with any type of blood-thinning or coagulating medications, including aspirin. Consult your doctor before taking this product. If an unwanted reaction occurs, discontinue use! Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

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Weight 8 oz
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4 oz. Liquid Oral Spray, 4 oz. Colloidal Solution, 1 oz. Powder


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