Serrapeptase Enzymes

Pharmaceutical-Grade, Pure, Eccentric-Coat, No Fillers!

250,000 SPU Per Dose / Same Quality & Sources as the Name Brands


CrysaLynn Discussion:

First and foremost, especially at this time, it is of utmost importance to mention that Serrapeptase enzymes may offer support with excessive proteins in the body by dismantling and dissolving them. Many pathogens have proteins coating them, which they play a role in immunity manipulation processes. A virus is said to be a strand of DNA entrapped in proteins that strives to replicate!

Serrapeptase was created by “Mother Nature” herself. I consider it to be a “miracle” of my own recovery. It is sourced from the saliva of the silkworm. This is the substance used to collapse the cocoon, completing a butterfly’s transformation process. The cocoon is made of silk, which is one of the hardest substances on Earth! It has always been a staple in our “protocol”.

It is a fibrinolytic (fibrin-dismantling) and proteolytic (protein-dismantling) enzyme. This means it may sweep through the bloodstream, attaching to proteins that are in its path. Fibrin clumps together to form clots. This is an innate process that is intended to stop bleeding of wounds and they may also build-up over-time to form bloodstream blockages. Fibrin may also be a byproduct of the inflammation process, where there can be pathogenic or cytokine storm dismantling of our tissues. It also has digestive capabilities of helping us to digest proteins as needed.

Fibrin may also be involved in the encysting of pathogens, mucus, and biofilm processes. Fibrin is used to create the bubble they encyst themselves in when protecting themselves in times of danger. Fibrin is a sturdy structure that can be used to create structures. Scar tissue is made up of fibrin.

Serrapeptase may be capable of penetrating this “cage” that they hide in when they encyst. We can utilize this enzyme with intentions to dismantle this barrier. Some pathogens spin biofilms that are described as microscopic spider-like webs. These “webs” are designed to capture matter flowing in our bloodstream for the organism to feed on. They may also easily adhere to vessel walls by the use of protein matter. We like to use the process of tiny “Pac Men” that chase after proteins.

Protomyxzoa, for example, is not a well-known pathogen, as it was recently discovered. Some researchers say that serrapeptase is one of the most effective tools to use for it.

I recall with my own heart pains and palpitations, which persisted night and day that over time became incapacitating. I tried every solution suggested. With aggressive doses of these enzymes, it went away almost overnight! I read that the bloodstream may become thick with pathogenic matter, dead white and red blood cells, and other debris. Common sense told me this may be the case of my situation as well and the “mopping up” of proteins made perfect sense.

These enzymes are child and animal safe, in the appropriate doses. They are vegan-safe, cruelty-free, as they are not taken from the animal directly. They are “pharmaceutical grade”, spending no time wasted on store shelves, resulting in freshness, quality, and higher activity!

The shelf life is two years. These enzymes are said to be accumulative. Over time, taper down and take a bit less, while staying consistent.

Many companies out there highly dilute their enzymes. Using common sense, ponder whether the additive consists of what an enzyme goes after! Once that enzyme locks on, its rendered useless and you may be wasting your money!

We offer 1 oz. of powder or an oral spray, collided or liposomal, and pure powder variations. Enzymes have liposomal capabilities, which may enhance the systemic reach. 

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Weight 8 oz
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4 oz. Liquid Oral Spray, 4 oz. Colloidal Solution, 1 oz. Powder


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