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Lemon Discussion:

Lemons are one of the oldest remedies on the planet. They have potential to pack a powerful punch to illness. Currently, it is a “go-to” home remedy for colds, coughs, sore throat, and nearly everyone has squeezed lemon juice into their herbal tea. Adding lemon, peel and all, into your herbal tea or drinking water throughout the entire day, may supply you with medicinal doses. Here, we suggest infusing your water with our lemon products, especially the liquid tinctures, which offer concentrated, highly bioavailable, and ready to absorb compounds. You can also receive the benefits instantly, rather than having to wait, our products ensure you always have pre-extracted lemon on hand. 

The rinds of most all citrus fruits exhibit a very close compound profile. For example, lemons, limes, grapefruits, and oranges to name a few. You may find the information on each, throughout this website, have super close benefit profile, they each have their own, unique benefits, constituents, and specialty processes to offer. We must say that lemons earn the trophy for having the densest of all their related compounds.

Two droppers of the tincture, four droppers of a vegetable glycerite, or two tsp. of powder are equivalent to 1 whole lemon! Add it to water, three or more times a day. A 4 oz. tincture or glycerite, or 1 lb. of powder are equivalent to approximately 65 lemons! Using our lemon products are more cost-effective, they allow you to control the intake, while saving you the trip to the market for fresh fruit! If you or a family member comes down with a cold, you would have something on hand, to use when needed. They can also be used for daily maintenance, in the case of organ stone formations, and their prevention. Many practitioners suggest using lemon, sometimes along with apple cider vinegar to help their extraction.

We use organic, whole lemons in our products, including the seed, pith, peel, and the juice. We keep our dried, organic peels in whole form and powder them to to make a tincture, or to order. There are surprisingly very few companies that offer lemon rind tinctures and as far as we can tell, ours are of the highest quality, densest, and least expensive!

The products contain concentrated lemon. A traditional strength cup of tea can be made by adding two droppers of tincture, four droppers of a vegetable glycerite, or two tsp. of powder to 4 oz. of hot water. An extraction, such as a tincture or glycerite already has the compounds extracted. Boiling it is not necessary. You can use as little, or as much as you like!

A discussion about the constituents contained within a lemon is very enlightening! Lemons are a superfood that may help to support overall health, chronic illness, and failing health. They are packed with micro and macronutrients.

Our top reason for utilizing them is because they are one of the most powerful astringents that exist! Astringent compounds dry tissues, linings, and mucus membranes, helping to reverse the dampness that may be involved. These are the processes of creating a biofilm matrix, including the Rope Worm matter that we advocate. We offer astringents with lemons in our Rope Worm Protocol. Drying, and keeping dry, the intestinal tract, may help to dissolute the matter and restrict its quick return. The same goes for the lungs, which are damp tissues that may benefit from astringent compounds. Drinking water with lemon compounds may make their way to the lungs systemically.

Antioxidants may stabilize and deactivate the excess of free radicals that may be present in our bodies. Antioxidants are known as free radical scavengers. They may also help the body with glutathione production. Glutathione is an antioxidant called the “master detoxifier” because it may specialize in helping our cells to push out toxins. The vitamin C content in the lemons may convert oxidized glutathione back to its active form! Recycling of glutathione may be a great, natural way to promote and support the body to receive it! Many more studies need to be done on the process and effects of vitamin C and glutathione.

They are known to be dense in vitamin C and as a matter of fact, a single lemon may supply you with over half of the daily recommended intake. They contain many different types of antioxidants, including vitamin C, hesperidin, diosmin, erocitrin, and D-limonene. Hesperidin is an antioxidant known to help strengthen your blood vessels and prevent the buildup of plaque in your arteries. The antioxidant diosmin is contained in some medications for support with the circulatory system, muscle tone improvement, and lowering inflammation in the body, including blood vessels. Many use lemon tinctures to rub on painful areas, such as the joints. Eriocitrin is an antioxidant that offers bone strength and healing, as well as acting as a neuroprotectant.

Lemons may be ideal to support heart, blood, and vessel health. Their compounds may help to cleanse the blood and to help lower cholesterol. This blood-cleansing effect is often thought of as blood thinning, although they actually do not actually do so. Lemon compounds may help to lower LDL (bad) cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, and fat accumulation in the liver. Many websites tell us that a lemon rind contains one of the highest contents of limonene. Limonene is the terpene that is responsible for the healing, and cleansing power of lemon, orange, lime, and grapefruit essential oils. They are one of the highest sources of citric acid. Their content of essential oils, which have their own compounds, may astound you! For example, when we distill approximately 50 lemons, it pretty much results in an entire ounce of pure essential oil!

Lemons are one of the highest sources of citric acid, which is a well-is a remedy for stone formations within the body, especially the organs. They also contain natural quinine compounds, which can have healing benefits in low, natural sources, such as lemons. They contain a natural sugar referred to as “simple sugars”, which do not behave in the body as processed sugar does and they are not detrimental. The fiber content in lemon rind may help to slow the digestion of carbohydrates and starches, both of which may cause flares with fungal infections. The rinds are also made up of pectin, which is a well-known prebiotic, meaning it does not get digested by our body and it feeds the beneficial bacteria all throughout the intestinal tract and colon. Lemons also contain potassium and vitamin B6. They are also a rare source for B5, pantothenic acid, which is said to help increase memory, the metabolism of fatty acids, the incorporation of fatty acids into cell membrane phospholipids, and involved in making steroid hormones, vitamin A, vitamin D, and healthy levels of cholesterol.

Lemons have alchemical and synergistic effects as well! Citric acid is used in many medications, not only as a filler but also because it has potentiating properties to other specific substances! The compounds in citric fruits may potentiate specific substances, such as both herbs and medications. For example, if it causes drowsiness, it may be rendered even more potent. A cup of valerian tea with lemon may make the perfect nighttime treat! They may boost the content of other herbs by adding lemon to them, as they are also antioxidant potentiators! Some websites tell us that by adding lemon to our cup of green tea, it may boost and activate some of its antioxidants. Antioxidants are one of our most significant defenses against free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that may potentially cause oxidation of the delicate tissues and cells of our body, known as oxidative stress. This is best explained if you think of how an apple quickly turns brown or the process of forming rust on metals. Ironically, lemon juice is used in food preservation, preventing oxidation, such as the browning of fresh aloe, bananas, apples, and other foods, as soon as you cut them. Coating them in lemon juice significantly prolongs or prevents their oxidation.

The compounds in citric fruits may potentiate specific substances, such as both herbs and medications. For example, if it causes drowsiness, it may be rendered even more potent. A cup of valerian tea with lemon may make the perfect nighttime treat! Many ask about the safety of high lemon ingestion and dental health. Some say that adding lemon to other herbs may also potentiate their flavor. This is especially the case with lighter flavored herbs, including flowers, such as chamomile and hibiscus. Grapefruits are well-known for this potentiation, although lemons do not contain the enzyme inhibitors that grapefruits contain. If you plan to incorporate all day lemon water into your regimen, we urge you to speak with your practitioner beforehand, especially if you are on blood thinning, photosensitive, or drowsy medications.

There are potent anti-fungal and anti-bacterial compounds, which makes it ideal for use in food preservation. Many household cleaners, wood polishers, and room sprays contain lemon for these types of benefits, including its scent. Lemon is very acidic, which means it has a low pH. Its acids may have the ability to break down, and even halting, certain bacteria and germs, in turn lowering the possibility of spreading them. They are said to also exhibit antiviral activity, possibly offering support with the spread of viruses.

Lemons are so antibacterial they may help to lower pathogenic infections. For this reason, it is used by many specifically in the mouth, as It may help to freshen the breath and it even makes your teeth feel squeaky clean. At the same time, the citric acid content, in very high amounts, may not be good for tooth enamel, which is why we suggest using a straw to drink your lemon water to simply solve this problem!

Many use lemons to support weight loss. They are said to boost lipid and fat metabolism. They may act as a diuretic, causing frequent urination, which helps the body to expel and move toxins. They make you feel full, in turn helping you to eat less. Some women claim that by consuming lemons during their menstruation, their cramping is far less chronic.

There are no known side effects of having too many lemons, aside from photosensitivity. This means that you may burn more easily in direct sunlight. There is a potent potentiality of some medications to consider, which we discuss below. 

The astringent compounds are utilized for tightening the skin, especially in anti-aging products! They are claimed to lower the number of wrinkles, promote plump cells, and to modulate the dryness of the skin. Energy is something that we have noticed with using lemon compounds in our own water. This has always been known about its essential oil, as it is used in aromatherapy for depression, anxiety, and even sleepiness, which is why it was originally added to herbal tea at night. The compounds seem to be adaptive to what our needs are!

We saved one of the most important benefits for last, in our opinion, as lemon is said to be a natural graphene detoxifier! While we do not want to go into this subject deeply, although we feel that concerns about graphene may be valid. Graphene is a substance that consists of carbon atoms, which form bonds in the shape of hexagons. It is considered to be two-dimensional, thin, heat and electrical conducting, the strongest substances on the planet, expensive, hard to locate, and to be difficult to produce. It is a current matter that everyone may want to research and to be aware of. With that said, many seek ways to detox it. Not only do lemons supply the vitamin C that the body needs to produce glutathione, but the peels are said to de-oxygenate the graphene molecules. Rather than jump into the science, you can view the study yourself, by Clicking Here. 

We think so highly of infusing your water with lemon, that we wrote a blog recently on the benefits of adding whole food fruits to drinking water! You can read it by Clicking Here! We carry many products with lemon in them. We have our lemon, grapefruit, and zinc Hydrosol Solutions to be added to your water for daily maintenance or its counterpart HydroTea, which is a concentrated form of tea. Both the hydrosol and HydroTea of lemon and eucalyptus can be found by Clicking Here. We also carry a 100% pure lemon essential oil, which can also be used to flavor your water, food, or herbal tea! Any of these products would also make a great additive to your cosmetic products, to reap their anti-aging benefits! Lastly, any of these products can also be used in your nebulizing solutions!

Product Variations:

We offer every herb in multiple variations. For example, you can get it as a standard tincture, oxygenated tincture, glycerite, herbal tea, encapsulated, or as a loose powder. We highly recommend getting at least two variations of the preferred blend, to achieve saturation.

Standard Tincture Herbal compounds extracted in an alcohol base. Alcohol may offer superior absorption rates. We recommend allowing your dose to sit under the tongue for 3+ minutes, then swallowing it down with water or juice.  Microscopic compounds are bioavailable, readily available to be absorbed through tissues, into the bloodstream, then circulated to the organs.

Oxygenated Tincture – This is a standard tincture that is put through an oxygenation process, adding an oxygen molecule to the present herbal compounds. We collide the herbal compounds with oxygen molecules, to encase them both within an oxygenated bubble. The difference can be clearly seen because the tincture lightens in color. The lipospheres’ may have the capability to surpass the bioavailability of a standard tincture, although it exhibits all of the same benefits.

Glycerite – Herbal compounds extracted in vegetable glycerin. This variation is ideal for children and those sensitive to the alcohol in tinctures because it has no alcohol, no sugar. It has a taste resembling syrup. Doses are approximately 2-3 times higher than a tincture so that you receive similar benefits. They can be taken in the same way as tinctures, which is in 4 oz. of water, juice, or a smoothie.

Vegetarian Capsule – Size 00, vegetarian capsules, hand-encapsulated, to order. The capsule is swallowed with at least 4 oz. of water or juice.

Herbal TeaTeabags are handmade to order. Each bag can be brewed up to three times. Constituents will be continually extracted with each brew. Be sure to squeeze the bag gently upon finishing your cup of lovely tea. The label specifies the brewing instructions, which highly depends on the parts of the plant that are used in the tea. It may be best to drink as is, without adding a sugar substitute. Don’t forget the medicinal residue that settles to the bottom of the cup!

Loose Herbal Powder – We take pride in the freshness and quality of our herbs. They are hand-ground, to order. Most of our herbs are wildcrafted by us. If we must purchase them, we first choose them in whole form. We feel that ethically wildcrafted is superior, ensuring a denser content of medicinal compounds, freshness, as well as higher enzymatic/antioxidant activity. Wildcrafting also allows us to include as many parts of the plant possible. We always indicate wildcrafted with the abbreviation “WC”. 

All variations are animal & child-safe, at the appropriate dosage. It is up to you to do your own research to know if the herbs themselves are safe for the babes. We have created a child’s herbal dosage guide, which can be seen by Clicking Here

Always use herbs wisely and with common sense, as they are to be respected. Most of our herbs and products have been tested by an energetic practitioner, using a bio resonance scanning system. The results showed that our products tested up to 360% more powerful than other brand names. Our customers choose us because we create products that emanate a unique healing energy, intended to help you.

Happy Cleansing! 

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1 oz. Tincture, 2 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Tincture, 8 oz. Tincture, 16 oz. Tincture, 4 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 8 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 16 oz. Lipospheric Tincture "Oxygenated", 2 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 4 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 8 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 16 oz. Glycerite (Non-Alcohol), 1 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (30+ Cups), 3 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (75+ Cups), 6 oz. Bagged Herbal Tea (150+ Cups), 60 Vegetarian Capsules, 120 Vegetarian Capsules, 240 Vegetarian Capsules, 4 oz. Loose Herbal Powder, 8 oz. Loose Herbal Powder, 1 lb. Loose Herbal Powder


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