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This product focuses on cellulose dissolution, although it may have capabilities to dismantle many kinds of substances. Mycelium, or yeast, maybe partially a plant, an animal, and, it may act like bacteria! Studies exist that show how slime mold can work intelligently through a maze, taking the short cuts that lead to the food source! This plant also may have the ability to also move or “walk”. They may transform into a more harmful species as they thrive. They may have the ability to communicate with one another and with other organisms! Candida is a well-known type, but, there are many species. They may be the most complex life form on Earth. Like bacteria they are intelligent, can communicate, and have a purpose!

Plant cell walls are made up of cellulose and hemicellulose, as they may be the main components of the “glue” that holds it, and its biofilms together. The inner nucleus is made up of protein. They have a single cell that grows into a “root”, like a tooth, and allows it to stand up and stay in place, although it creates enzymes that degrade the tissue to do so. It uses this root to also feed as plant roots do! This root is called hyphae and it may puncture tissues and linings, which is how we get “leaky gut” and “leaky brain”.

The invasive fungus has the ability to adapt, transform, and possibly even double in less than a half hour’s time! This is how it transforms into a more invasive species! Having this ability is like no other living species. This is the case in especially warm, moist places, like the vaginal area, and beneath the breasts, where yeast infections are common! It happens all over our bodies, even as deep as the blood, as no part of us is off limits!

Plant cell cellulose may be dismantled by the enzymes because they are designed by Mother Nature to do just that. Understanding the dismantling concept is key to truly tackle them. Once the cell wall is damaged, it may leave an opportunity for enzymes and other herbs and supplements to work on the core of the cell, as it may be left wide open! Dismantling of the cell wall may reduce the mycelium ability to hide from our immune system and lay dormant in our tissues. Pathogens actually hide by making the outer cell’s surface unrecognizable by immunity! We may break down its not only its structure but also its strategies!

I am proud of this mix of enzymes as it is one of a kind! Most other companies either offer a highly diluted enzymatic mix, or they don’t add both cell wall busters and protein dissolving enzymes. Again, they break them up into separate products for profit reasons. From as far as I can tell, some are diluted, as high as 2000%, even when they charge top dollar for them!.

If you take this blend without food, it may give them an opportunity to go deeper, elsewhere, and in higher numbers.

These enzymes may break down cellulose, the main component of plant cell walls that they also use to make up biofilms! It is the “armor” that protects the inner nucleus. Cellulase is not produced by the human body! This may be what the layers between bacterial and plant species inside of the biofilm matrix itself is partially made up of!

They all work synergistically together to achieve dissolution as a whole.

These enzymes are child and animal safe at the appropriate doses! They are vegan-safe & cruelty-free, as they are recreated in a lab to keep up with supply and not taken from the animal directly. They are considered to be “Pharmaceutical Grade”, as they come straight from a manufacturer and time is not wasted on store shelves. The freshness ensures quality and a higher enzymatic activity and possibly even more potent than that which was purchased! If you really want to know what an enzyme does, then you may want to take it in its pure form!

A jar consists of 1.3 oz., which is equivalent to 90 capsules of the pure enzyme. At the measurement of 1 scoop (½ tsp.), which is provided, there is enough supplied to last up to 30+ days. It is recommended to take enzymes for a couple of months to ensure worthy saturation. Working up to higher doses is something many others do but staying at a single dose is enough to stay consistent, as it may be accumulative. Over time you can taper down and take less as maintenance.

Caution: Do not take these enzymes with gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcers. Consult your doctor before taking this product if you are taking any medications. If an unwanted reaction occurs, discontinue use! Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry  place.

I offer colloidal enzyme solutions! My research tells me that enzymes may have liposomal capabilities!  A liposome is a tiny bubble that is put through intense sonification, causing bubbles to entrap substances, like enzymes. It may become more stable, more complete, highly and widely distributed, active longer, with substantial bioavailability! If sonified as a tincture solution, in alcohol and glycerin, they become shelf-stable and highly absorbable! Tiny capsules may absorb more efficiently into the bloodstream, whereas they can otherwise be lost during digestion. Due to the loss during digestive processes, researchers say that only a portion of what you take may be making it into the bloodstream. All of the same cautions will still apply and I would go so far to say that you should be even more cautious. Do not underestimate enzymes, as they can be powerful!

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 6 in

Candida Solutions™ 1.3 oz. Powdered Enzymes, Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Colloidal Enzyme, Candida Solutions™ Liquid 4 oz. Oral Spray

Candida Solutions™ Ingredients:

Proprietary Blend of; Cellulase 125,000 DU/GM, Hemicellulase 400,000 HCU/GM, Protease 500,000 HUT/GM, Xylanase (150,000 XU/GM)


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