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Gift Card

Never Expires & Applicable for Discount & Sale Products

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Bless someone you know, care, and love with the gift of support, no matter what they may need it for. When someone asks what you would like for the holidays, let them know that they may come here and buy you a gift card, contributing to your healing journey, discreetly. Of course, no one is going to shout, “I would love some Parasite~Ease!”, in anyone’s presence. They may privately come to the website, choosing what they want or feel what they should have, themselves.

This option allows you to discretely purchase whatever it is that you or your loved one wants. They make a great gift, prize, or donation. Website sales and discounts will apply to their purchase, even with the use of their gift card. You can still take advantage of the discounts/coupons/sales when you cash in your balance. When you purchase a gift card, you will receive an email with an ecard. You can forward it to the recipient, or you can print it out to hand it to them yourself.

We can physically mail the card as well. Either way, please leave us any requested details in the notes section, while completing your order. There is NO expiration date, as they are forever.

Purchase a gift that creates a ripple effect of knowledge, health, and solutions. 

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