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Custom Gift Card

Never Expires / Applicable Towards Discount & Sale Purchases / Physical Card Mailed To Recipients 


We now offer gift cards! Bless someone you know, care, and love with the gift of support, for whatever they may need it for. You choose the amount, they can then privately choose what they wish to have. When someone asks what you would like for the holidays, of course, you don’t want to shout, “I would love some Parasite~Ease!” 

This option allows you to discretely purchase whatever it is that you or your loved one wants. They make a great gift, prize, or donation. Sales and discounts will not affect the price of the gift card, but you can still take advantage of the discounts/coupons/sales when you cash in your balance. When you purchase a gift card, you will receive an email with the account number details. You will be directed to enter the address of the recipient. You can enter an address and the details you would like on the card to be mailed out, or, just leave a note saying that the email receipt will be sufficient and that you do not wish to get a physical card in the mail. They have NO expiration date, as they are forever.

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