Concentrated Cleaning Soap

Enzymes / Pine Gum Resin / Borax / Essential Oils 

Home Sanitation Support


A product I take very seriously and do not hesitate to add a massive and generous content of superior ingredients for the environment and our personal belongings, like essential oils and enzymes! Each bottle contains its worth in essential oils alone! To add it to your cleaning solution, you simply add a few tsp. of this concentrated soap into hot water and use it to sanitize the home, personal belongings, laundry, and even uses like the inside of your car. It makes the best carpet shampoo additive as well!

Its intent is not only powerful sanitation but also to saturate your living spaces with a supportive scent for your emotional, and spiritual, well-being! It not only provides aromatherapy but also emotional and environmental stress relief with knowing you have a clean and invigorating scented environment. This type of sanitation and air purification are very important, even when you are healthy! Over time, with consistent use, it may also help you to situate your own home.

It can be used to clean sources that may be related to infection, due to pathogens like fungus and slime molds being present. It contains biofilm-busting enzymes that are used in many of the high-end cleaning solutions! Each enzyme has a purpose, and each breaks down specific matter, like blood, urine, feces, wine, sugars, starches, and many more. Some specialize in restoring colors and textures of your fabrics, as some enzymes are even known for trimming the loose ends off of fibers! The enzymes work on a microscopic level. Some enzymes work by mechanisms some call a “lock & key”, where the enzyme fits perfectly into the molecules of dirt and grit, allowing them to break it down. The magical aspect is that once you are done cleaning, the enzymes may keep working! As long as dirt is present and conditions are right, the magical power keeps working, even as long as hours or days!

The aspect of a resistance being built to common chemical cleaners is something that even top experts advocate. Some say that the pathogens have become so resistant, that even some now may actually be feeding on hospital cleansers! Researchers have established that this may be due to these substances being produced by single to few compounds, whereas plants contain hundreds to thousands of compounds, possibly making it thousands of times harder for any pathogens to build a resistance. Many of us have environmental toxicity and the state of our living spaces may play a huge factor in reinfestation. You may want to sanitize and sterilize everything you own, as the eggs of parasites, pathogenic bacteria, and infectious viruses may become airborne for us to then breathe them in.

They and their eggs can land to cover surfaces that some don’t wash daily, like curtains, linens, carpeting, tapestries, and toys.

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Weight39 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 10 in


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