Debriding Soap

Kojic Acid / Zeolite / Collagen Peptides / Turpentine / Sulfur

Exfoliation, Lightening, & Sterilization of the Skin Layer


This is an amazing liquid concentrated soap that targets nanoparticles and microscopic pathogens with kojic acid, zeolite, and elemental sulfur. They effectively, yet gently peels away the infected layers, one by one. It has become one of our most popular skin detox products for support with the condition called Morgellons. Although I must admit, I don’t go a day without using it, as we love it.

This full-strength soap may help to expel strange fibers from the skin. Mite infestations are another targeted and tough issue that is rather common. It may be used for any issue within the dermis layer. Even those with perfect skin may find they love it as well!

The zeolite and eggshell act as micronized scrubbing agents to help the soap get into the smallest of spaces, while gently brushing away dead skin residue, creating an exfoliation. The eggshell also infuses the soap solution with micro vitamins and minerals.

There is a synergy taking place by the use of this soap. Upon exfoliation, the newly exposed skin may instantly take in the collagen peptides to support the replenishment of the newly exposed layer. Over time, and with consistency, it works in a replacing manner. The collagen peptides contain a complete amino acid profile to supply building blocks for the skin to use in its regeneration process.

It contains some of the strongest ingredients to fight pathogens, alongside the renewing ones, to create a perfect balance of fighting and rejuvenating. The more intense ingredients may infuse the skin to tackle pathogens close to the surface. It gently removes top layers of skin that normally may contain bacteria, parasites, pathogenic eggs, and the layers of yeast that can give off an undesirable odor. It may gently remove the problematic layer, exposing and nourishing a new, healthy layer of skin!

We use colloidal sulfur, the 30+ wildcrafted blossoms of spring and summer, as well as empowering it with our own healing intentions and energy, to offer you a product that has helped nearly every person that has purchased it, no matter what the reason! Saturate your body with all of these powerful ingredients and blossoms to result in an amazing outcome for your skin! This soap is the perfect balancing act for any issue!

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 1 × 3 × 6.5 in

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Signature Scents

Bacterial Solutions™, Beaut~Ease™, Biofilm Solutions™, CitriMint™, Citrus Dew™, Divine Dimensions™, Entity Solutions™, Essential Tears™, Feminine Solutions™, Fiber~Ease™, Frank "N" Myrrh™, Fungal~Ease™, Garlic Tears™, Heavenly Blossoms™, Itchy/Scratch~Ease™, Lyme Solutions™, Lymph Solutions™, Masculine Solutions™, Menthol~Ease™, Mite~Ease™, Morgellons Solutions™, Parasite~Ease™, Pineal Solutions™, Rose Petal, Viral~Ease™

ZeoSuds™ Ingredients:

This product comes with a scented option. Each scent consists of different essential oils. Each signature scent is also available as pure essential oil. Therefore, if you want to know exactly which oils are in every scent, simply do a search for that oil to see what is in it. Here are the base ingredients of ZeoSuds.

Proprietary Ingredients: Distilled water, Oils: (Grapeseed, Coconut, Sunflower, Avocado, Jojoba, Castor, Sesame seed, Hemp seed oil, Olive, Nirgundi, Tamanu), Sulfur, Potassium hydroxide, Zeolite, Calcium carbonate, Thuja, Blossoms of: Japanese knotweed, Red rose, Peony, Honeysuckle, Wisteria, Kanzan cherry, Redbud, Mullein, White cedar, Forsythia, Milkweed, Zinnia, Chrysanthemum, Magnolia, Gardenia, Hollyhock, Chamomile, Clematis, Dogwood, Daisy, Goldenrod, Foxglove, Crepe myrtle, Calico bush, Morning glory, Luffa, Marigold, Queen Anne’s lace, Jasmine, Arnica montana, Collagen peptides, Kojic acid, Willow bark extract, Reverse osmosis seawater, Essential oil fragrance, Organic colorant.


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